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    Have you ever participated or contributed to the Iftaar being organized at Mosques during Ramzan?

    For politicians it has become a fashion and must to participate in the daily rituals of Iftaar parties being organized at various Mosques across the country. Normally Muslims break the fast with Kajur or fruits and that is brought by them. In this holy month they would like to donate and behave in good manner not accepting favors from others as they do not know how the money was earned by them and how they brought the things for Iftaar to the mosques. So real Muslims wont touch the fruits brought by others. Have you participated in such iftaars or contributed for that ?
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    No. I have not participated in iftaar being organized at Mosques during Ramzan. I have visited Mosques many times but not during Ramazan time. Last year one of my best friends who is a Muslim invited for the same. But because of some important assignment, I couldn't attend. Again this year he may invite. If possible I will try to attend.
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    Mr Mohan, I have participated in the fast-breaking ceremony (Iftaar) in the Mosques as well as at some of my friend's place and have found it to be a real community affair with people from other religions also joining in and at times observing the fast also.

    I could not quite comprehend your statement about contributing to Iftaar parties and Muslim brothers not accepting the same. Could you please clarify your point?

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    Iftaar has to be broken with clean money and not the things brought by unknown persons to the mosque whose credentials are not known.
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    Not been inside a mosque for breaking the fast but have been along with Muslim friends for having street food after they finish their prayers (Mosque road, Bangalore is well known for its food ).

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