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    Last moment and First moment

    In India, it is common to see people doing things at the last moment. There are many things like paying bills, filing IT returns, studying for the exam, making tax saving investments etc which some people enjoy doing at the last moment. Due to this we always see the rush and queues in the last few days before the deadlines. Even the online servers get slow near to the last dates due to overload. Even if there is a lot of time given still sometimes people prefer to do these things at the last moment.

    But don't get disheartened. As Indians, there are many things we enjoy doing at the first moment itself. Going to a movie theatre for watching a hit movie on the first day-first show, planning a holiday trip and booking a resort, queuing outside the dealer's shop to get free voice and data mobile connection are few things I can think which people prefer to do at the beginning itself rather than the last moment.

    So we represent an interesting combination of people who like to do few things at the last moment and few other things at the first moment.

    Can you add more to this list of the first moment and last moment?
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    I like always paying my credit card bill on the last day. I do it online. I also like to pay my insurance premium on the last day. This also I will do it online. Same is the case with electricity bill, phone bill and mobile bill.
    I pay my bank loans on the first of the month. Similarly, I will send money to my parents on ist of every month. I will never wait till my salary is credited to my account. Whatever payments monthly I have to do like milk payment, servant maid payment, driver payment and other payments on first itself without waiting for my salary to get credited. I have been doing this almost for the last 25 years.
    I try to release all monthly payments on ist itself. I like to go for the movie in the first week but not on the first day.

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    As a child, some of us might remember wanting to be the first to finish the chocolates/ice-cream bought home but when it came to home-work, we used to postpone it as far as possible.

    As humans, most would be the first to criticise and last to accept our own mistakes. In some joint families, I've seen people would will retire to bed early, so that they don't have to help out tiding up the dining room and the kitchen but the same people would be the last to get up so that someone would have already boiled the milk, kept the coffee filter running etc.

    These habits and facts would be existent in many people, it's fine as long as it doesn't trouble us or others.

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    In every one of us we have gone through the first and last moment. For example take this site. If I happen to log in at 4 am in the morning, I have the advantage of responding first to any thread which was raised late last night. So for me it is the first moment. Likewise knowing well the train timings arriving at the intermediate stations, we often go exact time or late. But some time the trains run fast and reach the in between stations early and thus we miss the train. Only two weeks back I had been to Chennai and the train was just two km before the Egmore station 40 minutes before , that means at every station the train came and departed early. So last moment passengers lost the train.
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    I will never try to be first or last. I do things in time. I have a chart prepared for this purpose. Everyday, I have a look at it in the morning. I never failed and never defaulted. I do everything in advance or on the scheduled date, but never at the last moment. Sincerity and punctuality is my best quality that I receive appreciation from my relatives and friends.

    @ Yesterday, I took my Hero Splendour plus to a Petrol bunk to fill petrol. The petrol boy asked,"Sir, you already have some petrol, and you are taking it now." I said," I never let my tank go dry. I never allow my needle to go below the red mark." The boy said, "You are great, Sir."

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    It differs from person to person whether to attend a job at the last moment or in time. The general practice is to delay it till last moment and then make a rush.

    If possible, it is always better to complete the tasks well before the last date so that we are free of last minute pressure.

    Unfortunately most of us are not doing the things in time. Due to this we only are suffering. Due to the delay by Govt or private personnels the public is suffering.

    A few years back when I had to fill I T return, I thought to file it in time preferably in April or May though the last date is 31st July. I was surprised that banks had not updated the 26AS form in the IT site in respect of TDS deducted on my FDs. So I could only file the return in later part of the month of June. So sometimes even if you want to do a task in time, the system will not allow you and you will have to wait till the fag end.

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    Reading this thread I remember a line quoted by my college lecturer"First in the feast and last in the battle".

    Generally I have a habit of procrastination on many things. Even in feast also I used to sit in the later batches only.

    But to say about instances of doing first or early, I can say I do so for some of the contests in ISC. That is because I know well that if I delay, then it will end up practically not participating. By postponing, I have missed many a contest in ISC. So on certain occasions I just hurry and rush my answers or posts. By that I had made mistakes, missed some sure answers or clues etc.
    Ironically there are many occasions in my life and career where I had actually benefited by postponing or delaying.

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