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    The making of a big, bitter and never ending civil war

    I can dare say, as a Tamilian, that we are the most emotional souls on earth. We welcome anyone with open hands, and help them settle down. If you go through any history of any accident, or how people help others in times of need, like the 2015 floods, you may possibly not find any parallel anywhere in the world.

    Trouble is, when it comes to deeply emotional themes, this outpouring of emotions knows no limits. Hundreds of new leaders and their outfits emerge, but they converge on one important goal -- the present goal of fighting till the end.

    It happened during the Jallikattu protest. No PETA can ever stop it. If it is banned, people will still conduct it. Even the Indian Army cannot stop it.

    Ditto for the Sterlite issue. The killing of 14 people, and calling people as guided by "anti-social elements" is absolutely ridiculous. The emotional overtones cannot be missed.

    Even if the company goes to the Supreme Court, people of Tamil Nadu, and the Government itself, will argue that the plant can never be operated. If Modi has to salvage some pride, he would better fall in line. Otherwise, a bitter, even bloody civil war is on....

    The issues have now come out wide into the open. The health related issues will be presented in Supreme Court. The company has to shut down. No amount of bribing of any party or politician can ever do anything now.

    Is this an anti-climax, but the civil war is likely to happen. If some ten lakh people gather in one place, how many people can you shoot? What about international ramifications?

    The game has just begun.
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    in many instances, Tamil people showed their power it is true. Even Telugu people showed their power when they got separated from Madras. Again the Telangana people showed their speciality in getting their state separated. Like this, the south people are successful in their agitations. I remember the fight od Telugu people for Vizag steel plant and finally able to get it. But I don't know what happens now to the special status issue of Andhra Pradesh after division. This is now started and slowly spreading. I don't a day will come and the government may yield the pressure.
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    True words. They took pistols against 25000 people, what will they do against 10 lakhs of people. Killing of 14 people did not shatter the determination of others, moreover it fueled the protest fire. It is very clear that authorities whoever involved are blindly believing on their power and no idea on Public's strength. They seeded violence in people, will sure see its consequences.
    Sri Vetri
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    I doubt whether the author is advocating a civil war. When we are bound by rules and is guided by a Constitution, does the author justify people, for whatever reasons, defying the law and the system? When we have legal and administrative sources to rely on, why should the people take to the streets and show their power? It is not only in Tamil Nadu, anywhere in the world, if the public gets together to defy a system, there is very less any government can do. But, I don't think we, as law-abiding citizens, should be justifying such acts. Such mob mentalities and taking pride in the fact that the people can defy the rules and regulations if they want to do so as a crowd, will only bring in lawlessness which is not good for any State in the long run. We need to be aware of live examples around us and should not take the lead in propagating such instances, whatever may the underlying emotions be.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Sai Ganesh Sir, am afraid you have got me wrong, totally. I have only said that the situation could go to become a civil war, if proper action is not taken.

    Not operating the plant is the only option. The company has bribed every single politician, and this is in the public domain. We do have companies like the Tata group and the TVS group, which will never give a single pie as bribe. I have worked with the TVS group and I have several relatives with the Tata group.

    But Sterlite is totally different. It has expanded it operations even after conclusive evidence of its polluting the environment. Sir, in certain matters, Courts cannot go beyond a particular point.

    Look what has happened to the Cauvery issue. Has Karnataka ever obeyed the Supreme Court and released water? Now, after the massive Jallikattu protest, even the Supreme Court had to give in.

    A similar thing is going on now. If the AIADMK runs the plant somehow, it will face the wrath of the people. Am only afraid of the situation where some ten lakh people gather at one place. Sir, it is possible in Tamil Nadu, as the entire race is highly emotional in nature.

    Who allowed the situation to come to this pass, Sir? If the Government had heard some representatives of the people, and done something, this horrible firing could have been avoided.

    I do not advocate violence in any form, including killing of animals. I only expressed my fear about what can possibly happen. I have been following the local social media closely.

    It is now a situation of Sterlite Vs the rest of Tamil Nadu. (BJP is not present at all in our State). Even the AIADMK has to fall in line, for sheer survival.

    This is the reality Sir. I will never advocate any violence at all. I have gone about preaching vegetarianism in whatever ways I can.

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    Saji sir, hope you too aware of the Starlite copper industry history and their law violations which endangers public life in and around tutucorin. The protest by people was not just outbroken last week.

    It began 25 years ago and court ordered 27 times to close and it keep reopening in few days. People whoever protesting now, initially proceeded everything as per law,but no positive end till now.

    So, they came to streets and the little gathering of 250 people became 25000. It was not like a political gathering, where people are paid to come. This protesters gathered on their own for their lives.

    Even with that crowd, they did not plan for violence, they walked in crowd to give petition to collector. This is not new to our nation. Meeting a city's official for social, environmental problem is a common thing.

    Law did not answer them,authorities did not hear to them, then what procedure should the public take to follow for their needs? Even I don't say,violence is an option to get things done. But the deeds of government in this issue, seeding violence in people. This is an alert post to and the authorities are asked to deal protesters with humanity.

    Sri Vetri
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    We have been watching closely how the people of Tamil Nadu take up the issues with firm intention and take the issue to the logic end to achieve the results. We have seen how the people cooperated with each other without even listing for help from the government during severe floods. And how the people were united at Marina for the cause of Jallikattu without the backing of any political party. And now the Sterlite victory. One thing is very sure, people of Tamil Nadu has shown their solidarity in many issues but what baffles me that they are not able to dice the difference between the two dravidian parties and keep on electing and re electing them in turns and thus they are not allowing alternative parties to test their hand for the first time. This time the people of Tamil Nadu should bring new party to power and show the world that , it they think for change it can happen even in politics.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I will blame Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board for the entire Sterlite episode. The TNPCB is failed to force the company to adhere to pollution laws.

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    Civil war is a term that implies under breakdown of administration in a region with protests, destruction of property, loss of life and daily life is thrown out of gears.

    This happens in places wherein there is a power struggle, ethnic cleansing, poor income lawless place. Civil war cannot be used for the Sterlite protests.

    This issue will likely reach a settlement with the SC issuing orders and the factory following it. If not, people would agitate for a period of time.

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    @Saji Sir,

    I hope the meaning of democracy is not clearly understood by people including the so called 'Educated' and so called 'Government'.

    I was educated as 'Government is for the people, of the people and by the people. Can anyone say this is followed in current state in India?

    Whoever has the time and knowledge to think about suggestions on how to follow the legal and administrative procedures, should also think that the protest has been happening for 99 days. Its a failure of the same administrative and legal power-house who didnt bother to respond appropriately for the concerned people.

    Also its a duty of Government to work on the concerns raised by the people. If this was not even met, its a democratic protest which was purely organized these days.

    And about Defying the law , I guess law was never being followed by the responsible persons in power and this is visible from timeline that this protest is happening and the Government's response starting from dayv1 of the protest and specifically on the day 100. Its so dumb for people to explain that the protesters were Defying law on streets. I feel pity on the ignorance of whoever thinks so. It was the other way round.

    One solution and only solution to any protest, Government needs to work for the people and not for the representatives of government or Corporate in any form.

    Today is the first day for rest of your life. Give it a better start!!!

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