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    This is the age of pre-planning and advanced booking

    There are so many things nowadays which we need to think, plan and book in advance. There was a time when the only things where we needed to book in advance were railway reservation, marriage halls, etc. But now this list goes long.

    If you want to go for a vacation during peak season like May or December you need to book hotels or resorts in advance.

    If you plan to travel by train then you need to plan 4 months in advance. Even for flights to get cheap tickets you need to plan at least 3 months in advance.

    If you want to go for a lunch or dinner in a good and famous restaurant in a city you need to book a table two days in advance.

    These days appointments for good doctors also need to be booked in advance and this period can range up to 15 days.

    Even God's Darshan at famous pilgrim spots are booked in advance nowadays.

    If you want to watch a movie within first few days of release then again you need to book in advance.

    Do you think that this preplanning becomes overhead for us sometimes as we need to start thinking about them so much in advance? Sometimes it is also a loss for us as future is not certain. For example, if we have booked a holiday and not able to travel due to some reasons then we end up in losing money on hotel booking or train/flight cancellation charges. But still, nowadays we have no option but to preplan and book in advance to avoid inconvenience as there is a heavy rush in everything these days.

    Was our life better earlier when we simply used to make our mood and do the things and so much preplanning and advance booking was not required except for the few things?
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    Why there is a need for pre-planning and advance booking because, like you think of going places, others also do so in tandem and thus there is heavy competition and the time constraints force us to plan in advance. And being one step ahead of others is the hall mark of this era. If every one waits till the eleventh hour and then goes for booking, surely failure would be the end result. Moreover we are not concerned about the certainty of the future and we want to be sure about future bookings as of now. Invariably those who plan in advance and has the niche to be the early bird in that context, they are winner and even gets rewarded for their foresightedness. Nevertheless planning in advance is a good manners and that will give you tension free life otherwise at the last minute decision nothing would happen and the very program has to be canceled or shelved.
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    Planning is the essential element for smooth execution of the intended programs. Without planning nothing works and even if it works it will be in a haphazard way.

    So there is no way to have a smooth ride without this and today people are not only planning but also keeping the alternate plans also in mind in case of certain pre perceived eventualities.

    Some people are very meticulous in their planning while others are not so and that makes a difference in the final outcome of the planned events.

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    We need to be meticulous in this kind of advance planning. What do you say about parents who pay registration fees in schools, just after the girl is pregnant? This is just to reserve the seat three years in advance and schools do admit this kind of thing.

    Well, there is an element of risk involved in everything. Unless we plan, we cannot achieve anything. A friend of mine used to open recurring deposits for very small amounts in a reputed nationalized bank, ten years ago, when internet banking had already arrived. Many made fun of him.

    Today, that guy is laughing all the way to the bank, because he gets a tidy sum. He did it when interest rates on long term deposits were ten percent. Today, it is 6 percent or less. He had planned ten years in advance.

    So, this kind of planning is so essential, to kind ourselves going. Now, regarding the loss that you might incur with something you do not undertake, like a journey or resort booking. We need to take this risk in life.

    If only everything went according to our plans, then there will be no God. Everything does require huge planning. The end result may or may not be to our liking, but planning is a must.

    Take one thing at a time. Do not neglect the long term goals too. Look around for the Systematic Investment Plans of the Muutal Funds. Even Rs.500 per month, after fifteen years will give you enough to fund the education expenses or take care of something that was not expected. Here too, planning is vital. For instance, it is sheer common sense that the higher education courses like ICWA or ACS do not even cost one tenth of what it would cost you to put your son through medicine or engineering. So, if the child has an aptitude, it is far better to get your child to do these courses, where the salaries, after experience, is much higher than the other professions.

    So, let us get on with life, with a huge amount of planning, which is a must.

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    This is true. These days for anything and everything there is a mad rush. You go to a gold shop. You feel that it is a general market. Such a rush we see even in shops like Gold shops. We need talk about supermarkets and malls. The largest crowd we find always before a wine shop. Like this, we feel that we don't have space even to stand. This is the reason why we have to plan in advance and get everything reserved.
    This is really a difficult proposition. In our recent visit to Kedarnath. we reserved our helicopter tickets for a particular day. But due heavy snowfall on that day the darshan at the temple was stopped and we couldn't go for the darshan. We thought we can go next day. But the next day tickets are full and no chance for going. SO we visited Badrinath and came back to Kedarnath. By that time our travel agent managed flight tickets at an extra cost and we could visit Kedarnath also. Like this we have both advantages and disadvantages of advance booking and preplanning.

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    It depends on the individual's mindset and outlook. For instance, when we travel, visit a doctor, most things should be pre-booked and arranged unless it is an emergency.

    As far as food is concerned for important family gatherings/ birthdays we make advance bookings otherwise, we just reach and try out luck.

    I have friends who are comfortable without any booking, they travel with their families on quick trips and 'go with the flow' as far as tickets, rooms are concerned. They take life easy without getting annoyed or angered if things don't go as planned.

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