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    Beating of your own drum will boost your confidence or arrogance!

    Some people have habit always praise themselves to brag or boast about your accomplishments or achievements. Praising our selves will boost our confidence or show your arrogance. Do you have a habit of beating your own drum when it is required? It is mandatory sometimes when you go for an interview you have to tell accomplishments and achievements. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    From my many decades of experience, I can say that 'Beating of your own drum' has become almost essential in the present day life.Many of the so-called 'top' 'successful' 'famous' 'popular' etc people have this as extra quality than others.
    I was practically 'advised' by my well wisher boss in this regard. I had narrated about the same in my response this thread.

    Those who do not beat heir drums mostly get left out even with excellence, talents,abilities and results or any other favourable parameters. This is true in any sector or field n our life.

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    In the present era, if you don't blow your own trumpet, you will be considered worthless. Everybody is busy in blowing his/her own trumpet. So, nobody has time to blow your trumpet. As a result, you don't have any alternative except blowing your own trumpet.
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    It is the era of information galore and beating the drums about our own achievements and success is nothing wrong and in fact we are giving ready made knowledge to those who known less about us. And remember only your opponents watch you closely and take note of your every achievements and success, but not all who are also interested in you. Surely when you meet a person after a along time, they do inquire about the progress made all these days or years. In that case if you are not coming with the fact, then it is not full information shared. Therefore you are bound to share all the happenings which paved the way for success and zenith of full accomplishments. Even the print and electronic media would come calling if you achieve some thing extra ordinary. That does not mean that they came to you to beat your drum of success to be read and seen by all.
    K Mohan
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    Beating one's own drums will only irritate people. We do feel irritated if some political guy keeps talking about his or her achievements, when they have done nothing, don't we?

    Likewise, we would have won many friends, if we do not take any success to our head, get things done, and go about own business as if nothing had ever happened. Most of those who achieve fame and money, do exactly this.

    They are least bothered about the huge amount of fame that comes to them. They would tend to believe that it comes only because of a number of factors, apart from their own contribution.

    The best example is Kamal Hasan, the legendary actor, who has acted in so many lovely films that he has even lost count of the numerous awards to his name. He would take one film at a time.

    When asked about his superb and absolutely meticulous acting in the film called "Paapanasam," in which his acting actually scaled new heights, what with the particular Tamil slang of the particular area in which the film was based, he merely attributed it to the family of stars who acted alongside him, the excellent story narration and the superb sequences that went to weave a hugely absorbing story.

    There are others like the singer S.P. Balasubramaniam and even many dancers.

    It is such people who really teach us not to over act, not to take things to the other extreme and boast about our achievements. Remember, the competition is already very very tough. If we do not understand this, we are gone.

    Let us observe humility in whatever we do, and get on with life.

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    This is especially suitable for political parties and political leaders who beat their own trumpets inorder to boast themselves their image in the minds of people. But such boasting don't help much in longer duration because the people will taste the reality through their actual actions. Good things will spread from mouth to mouth and heart. But some politicians create optical illusion which make people got attracted to them longer duration but after realizing that it is not true, then people start leaving them. As the general elections are coming by next year, Mr.Modi's government wiill boast themselves whether the facts true or not by beating their own trumpets. But the people know the reality through their personal experience and vote accordingly. This is true even with any political party.

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    Many people praise themselves and boast whenever audience is present. They will show off their strength by quoting their connections in bureaucracy and political circles.

    These people influence others with their talks only and many people get highly impressed by their gestures and mannerisms.

    These people are exposed when you ask them a favour. They will simply beat about the bush and make some execuse of not able to help you.

    Knowledge is power.

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    These days what you achieved is not very important. But how you present your achievements to others especially in gatherings and meeting is very important. People will be happy to see a power point presentation with good-looking slides which gives many slides with good bullet points and old happening etc with one or two slides of your actual work will get you a better recognition than simply writing a small not with very good accomplishments. This short note will go unnoticed but that power point presentation will attract a number of people. This is the order of the day. So inculcate the habit of showcasing the works in a better form with all better things about you and in between some good lines about the support you got from your boss will give you a better jump than other people.
    We all should learn good presentation skills and see that our presentations and we will get the good attention of the people. This is true these days. If you are lagging behind in this area you will not get whatever is due to you also.

    always confident

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    We live in a world that is moving at a rapid pace and is highly competitive, so to be successful you need to get noticed. To get noticed we need to beat our own drums understanding that there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance.

    A very simple example. Just try standing in the queue to buy something at a fast food restaurant or at the metro station. If you are quiet and docile, there would be many who will squeeze in ahead of you. The same thing, if you are confident and give a stare or raise your voice, then the people behind you will lend their vocal support to you.

    Being confident and making claims of achievements should be done have the right amount of experience and truth to back us up. If not we would be proven to be false at a later date and this mars our perception by people at the office, department, family, friends etc.

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