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    Working without success and failure attitude makes work more enjoyable

    We tend to do many tasks in life with thoughts of winning and losing, success or failure in our mind? Fear of failure and anxiety for success sometimes makes us manipulate the way we do the things which is very different from our original and natural way of working. At times we may become overcautious to avoid failures and sometimes we tend to overdo the things to get success.

    I feel this win or lose approach in work sometimes makes us forego our natural style and way of working and makes us enjoy our work less. It also adds to the stress.

    Have you ever noticed that if you do something without the fear of winning or losing you tend to do it in a very carefree and your original way which sometimes brings best out of you? Undoubtedly we will get the best output if we do things as per our originality and natural way of working without the fear of winning or losing. I feel this way we will also enjoy our work more.
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    This is very interesting to know that if we associate ourselves to the outcome of our actions or the karma then we bound to be having with different kinds of emotions like happiness or sadness or become desperate or getting angry for something. This & many more becomes a part of our life when the desired against our actions gets fulfilled or not done or even the outcome remains in process. But this is unlikely or not possible for us to remain completely detached from the outcomes & so we bound to be loaded with unexpected outcomes also which is responsible for the uneasiness within us.

    In Bhagwat Gita too, the emphasis has been given to the karma or the actions because we are free for our actions but the outcome is the business of some another energy which is a spiritual matter. Only few managed themselves to establish in a way that the outcome of their actions doesn't deviate them as they leave this to God to decide but the many more like us don't do this & as a result we never got freed from the materialistic world.

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    I really admire this thread as it coincides with my thinking pattern. Even God insists that you do the work and the out come of it need not be worried about. That means if your intentions, dedications and above all working with confidence will prove that you wont go wrong and the results would be not only fruitful but also the envy about. And those who have never expected the result, the overwhelming result would be the great satisfaction and even failure wont bother them because , they never envisaged a bad performance. One thing is sure for this attitude one must habituate his working style from the childhood itself. By not expecting the end result, one would be working without pressure and that will bring in the creative ideas to which others would surely yearn for it and thus the performance is always coupled with good results and recognition.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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