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    When opponents are harping on one point, it is the sure sign of success !

    Often a performer or a achiever is being bombarded with criticism and he has more opponents not only within his friends but also from the enemy camps. There are every chance that opponents do watch the failure of a consistent performer and then target towards that one point and the remaining persons would also join the issue. When every one of the opponents are harping on one point of discussion, surely it is the sign of success. Remember the more a person is criticized, it is understood that he has achieved the zenith of success than others.
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    Good argument. If somebody is harping on one point of your failure, you are near success. Maybe correct. A person will be successful when he understands his mistakes and see that he will not repeat them. So if somebody is saying that you are doing a mistake don't ignore it. Try to see whether there is any truth in it. If you feel that you can refine or change your particular act, if you implement the same and if you don't repeat that mistake again you will be near your success. Some people be with you and try to make you deviate you from your goal by criticising your good work and appreciating your bad work. You should become your own judge. Think about your deeds. If you feel there is something which can be further improved or modified do that and achieve the success. In my opinion, self-evaluation is the best way. Don't go by others. Think on your own and follow the advice of elders and teachers and attain the success.
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    This thread appears to be a take off from the one here by the same author. I think we must avoid repeating same ideas, though in different words, at least when we are raising new threads.
    And, I don't think it is a sign of success when opponents harp on the same point; it is rather a signal that you need to improve.

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    I wont dig into my past threads to get new ideas. As they flash on my mind I share. Some times it is liked and many a times its a flop.
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