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    The truly National Dishes of India, and hopefully more additions?

    There are two branches of the prestigious Saravana Bhavan of Chennai, in New Delhi, and both are simply minting money, am told. The booking of tables has to be done, even fifteen days in advance.

    The most famous dishes, to this day, that have become truly famous, are the iddli and the Dosa. The other things merely follow these two. I have found that those from up North, simply gobble up, up to ten small cups of sambar at Saravana Bhavan, Chennai, even if it is priced!!

    Well, we should be proud that these have become National dishes. Then, we have the Punjabi dishes, more particularly, the Palak Panner and the Panner Butter Masala. Guess what?

    Most Tamil Brahmin families serve these two, on the dinner menu of the grand dinner, of day one of the wedding, which goes along with the reception. Reason? The Tamil guys simply feast on these, particularly the IT generation.

    One always hears so much about the uppa dosa of AP. But one can't find these in Chennai. So sad. One can't find the superb pappu, of which, am told, there are more than twenty varieties.

    Some enterprising entrepreneurs should make the AP dishes, National dishes. The vegetarian stuff is very innovative, and very tasty indeed. The Kerala "puttu", as they call it, should also become a National dish.

    The Mumbai vada pav and the other related dishes are slowly becoming National dishes. One only hopes that the list keeps expanding day after day!!!
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    There is no doubt that Idli and Dosa have become the national dishes, thanks to wide preparation and presence in all most all the villages , towns and cities. In Hyderabad we get 5 idlis with good chutney for just 10 rupees and two plain dosa for just 10 rupees. Therefore one can understand the growing demand for Idlis which are easy to prepare, great in taste and easily digestible and that is the reason being so even patients are advised to take. As far as North Indian dishes are concerned the Chole Batura, Panneer Masala are the preferred dish even in Hyderabad. It is but natural that South Indians who are fed up with routine stuff, wants to have change and relish on North Indian dishes , like wise North Indians also prefers South Indian food for change. Moreover in marriages and functions having buffet system with rotis and Panneer Masala curry has become must and preferable to satisfy the guests.
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    There are some dishes which have become very popular in our country. Dosa and Idli are among them.

    Samosa, Pani Puri, Vada, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Pakora, Sandwitch etc are also very popular and easily available especially in tourist places.

    At the higher end Pizza has also got wise acclaim and even its Indian versions are becoming quite popular.

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    That is true. Idly and dosa is very famous all over the country. Another dish very famous in North also is Uthappam. During my recent visit to north India, I found in many places the Uthappam is a very famous food in all those places. Even in Delhi airport, I have seen many people asking for Uthappam in a food court. Anyhow all these dishes are very famous with sambar only. Different types of dosas are favourite dishes.
    samosas are most sought after tiffin in many places. Vada is also available in Uttarakasi and it is the favourite dish for many in that place.
    Like this many south Indian dishes are becoming favourite dishes for many Indians.

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    We had a similar discussion some time back about the favourite foods from each state.

    In Tamil Nadu, anywhere we go, we can safely order Idli, vada, sambhar combination and rarely we would go wrong. The USP is the taste of the sambhar, fully idlies and the crisp vadas. This is also very popular in Karnataka right from the well known restaurants to the busy self service centers. MTR restaurant is well known for its Masala Dosa and other breakfast items, we need to stand in a queue to get a table outside the original MTR hotel next to Lalbagh.

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