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    How should we dispose off the accumulated prasadams obtained from the temples?

    Most of us visit the temples very frequently. In temples, they serve prasadam(Vibhuthi the holy ash, Kumum and chandan) The poojari gives us enough quantity of prasadam out of which we take only a little to apply on our forehead or elsewhere. The left out prasadam is wrapped in a paper or a small packet and carried home. Thus, over a period of time, a huge amount of prasadams get accumulated in our pooja room.

    My question is -
    Do you carry home the Prasadam or leave it in a temple corner or over a statue?
    How do you dispose off the excess prasadam?
    If you carry home, what do you do with it?
    Do you preserve it ? If yes, how long?
    How do you dispose it off finally?
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    It's good to dispose it where this doesn't lead to get stepped over by any pedestrians & so the better place could be nearby the roots of any tree. But for sure not in a dust bin.

    Even far better would be the case wherein we just take the part as required so as not to get wastage.

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    The prasadam gave in the temple I will carry to my house. All the family members will share the prasadam. If the excess is there we will share it with our driver and servant maid. We avoid throwing the prasadam.
    Daily we will remove the flowers offered to the God one day before and collect them separately. Whatever flowers and leaves we brought from temple also store along with the flowers remover from God and once in a while we will put them into any flowing waters so that they will also go with the water.

    always confident

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    Normally I would accept the required prasadam from the temple priest and apply the same it on the forehead and that ends the matter. Normally for the temple every member of the family goes and thus taking prasadams to the home does nor arise. However if you happen to take home the prasadams every time , collect the same in a small container and use it daily as the remembrance of the God and also give to those who happen to visit the home often. That way the prasadams get used daily and the quantity would subsidize for sure. But never throw or discard the prasadams brought from the temples.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Usually when we visit deity of the temple, the poojari give teerdham (tulsi teerdham, teerdham prepared with milk etc.) into our hand and we swallow it through our mouth. Some times poojari may give flowers for ladies, bananas or half part of coconut fruit as prasadam. Banana or coconut given will be eaten by sharing with other family members. After the darshan of the deity, individually prasadam in the form of Pulihora (Yellow rice) or Kesari or Pongali will be given in the temple in bowls. Usually the prasadam made in the temples will be very tasty than in our homes so we usually consume without leaving anything with great devotion. Veeboodhi or kumkum kept in the temple at specific places will be worn by devotees. If excess prasadam we get we share with all the family members and near and dear ones. It is better not to take the prasadam excess and if excess is accumulated one can dispose by keeping it around the soil of a tree or plant.

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    In term of prasadam that is to be eaten, we always collect 1and share there itself, I feel sad to see some people collecting large leaf containers of these and eat half and throw the rest in the bin.

    It is common practice for us to leave the extra Vibuthi and Kukum in one corner of a pillar or near the base of the neem or banyan tree.

    If we bring it home, then it gets mixed into the containers at home which already have these. The dried lemons and small pieces of holy cloths (Dyed in sandal or turmeric water), will be taken to any of the holy temples that we visit regularly and put in the water.

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