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    What will be the future of the kitchen?

    Kitchen is an important place in our house and it facilitates everyone to have his food of liking.

    With modernisation on its heels and both the husband and wife going out for jobs the role and utility of the kitchen in our houses is changing to new expressions.

    Bringing ready to eat items from market, going for tiffin service, going out 2-3 times for dinner, taking lunch in canteens etc are the activities which are keeping the good old kitchen on the verge of low activity.

    What will be the future of our Kitchen? Any guesses?

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    As we are still far behind from the modern life styles when compared with the developed nations like the USA & Japan, we can observe the trend their & can imagine those in our country in the next 10 to 15 years. We already witnessing the trend of fast foods to ready to eat meals along with the fact that now we have the restaurants which can supply 24*7 foods as per your tastes & requirements.

    It's just about the times when the refrigerator had been introduced that now we had cooked food ready for at least two times in a day. That the Chulha now was replaced with the Stoves & then with the Gas connections. A little ahead with the time & we were having the Micro-waves wherein we now required to set up the temperature & the final things will be done for you.

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    I think kitchens in the house will continue to work. But they will get modernised. They will be equipped with many good electronic gadgets which will make the life of the housewife comfortable. I remember my mother pressing sawdust in the metal fire bin for the next day before going to sleep. Later we have kerosene stoves. No microwave ovens already come into the kitchens. My grains mother used to ground manually dal grams to convert them to dal. These days nobody knows what is a manual grinder. Over a period of time, things will get changed and new amenities will come. But kitchens will continue to cook using these modern gadgets. Already we are getting from the curries, sambar and rasam and we are only making rice or chapathi in the house. Now half fried Chapathis are also available in the market. Getting them and completely fry them in the kitchen.
    As the time passes after some 20 to 25 years of time people may stop cooking in the house and order the food for door delivery through Swiggy and only dining halls will be there in the house and no kitchen. We don't know a day may come like this.

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    What ever may be our modern thinking and adaption to new techniques, but our relation and dependence on our living with kitchen is inseparable and cannot be discarded. Modern kitchen can be with smoke less chimneys, microwave ovens, toasters, sound less mixies, chapathi making machine, dosa making machine, wada making machine and so on. For all this a operator is must and that cannot be avoided. Therefore , what I feel that in spite of our modernization we ought to take the help of old tradition method of making some items in kitchen for which we are always and our house holds are very much habituated.
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    Those who are in their twenties at the moment, and get married, are most likely to eat out of hotels or get someone else to enter their kitchens and prepare the food for them.

    It is not that they like what they do -- the fact of the matter is that they just do not have any choice.

    For instance, most brides are MBAs or Chartered Accountants or Doctors or other professionals who get home, on an average, at around 8 PM. Yes, the men also cook these days, but they get home after 10 PM. So, physical tiredness is what makes the boy or the girl opt for food that comes from outside. In many cases, the weekends are meant to do the cleaning, and catch up with financial planning and so on.

    In most cases, the parents on either side, understand these realities, much more now, then ever before.

    This is exactly why they tend to take shelter in the numerous old age homes, and they are very comfortable there. At just around Rs.12,000 a single parent can manage everything, the rent included. They also get services like the electricians, plumbers and the like, on tap.

    So, we will have the kitchen but the kitchen of the old days is all but gone. Those who prepare hot food and get that served in houses -- both vegetarian and non-vegetarian -- keep laughing all the way to the bank. It comes at a cost of Rs.350 or more per day, but the modern day professional is paid so high, that this expense is peanuts for him or her.

    The day is not far off, when the talented cooks from the villages will go over to the urban centers and, also, earn handsome money. At present costs, a cook earns around Rs.12500 for a part time work of around three hours. So, they get to work in three houses and the income is handsome enough for them to educate their children in colleges, including engineering colleges.

    So, the kitchen will undergo drastic changes, and the people who cook, for the most part, will be outsiders.

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    An interesting thought, the kitchen would exist but its relevance will be less.

    In the West, we have studio flats, wherein the living room, bedroom and kitchen are in one. Here the kitchen occupies a little place for a bachelor who would sustain on takeaways and a little simple cooking at home using the microwave or small electrical appliances.

    As of now, in many working couple homes, the kitchen functions 'part time' in a day/week. Slowly the layout, space used and the fixtures will change. What we eat is more and more outsourced and the kitchen that was an integral part of a traditional family home will be relegated to a low priority area.

    It would go the way our pooja rooms have gone. If you recollect, old houses would have separate pooja rooms, no one could enter without having a bath, it used to have standing space for 4-6 members at least. Now, the pooja room is confined to a small rectangular space in the living or the dining room.

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    The thoughtful thread must say. Kitchen's style has changed a lot compared to our ancestors time. The utilization has reduced a lot. Earlier, a kitchen was used to prepare desi style foods. Now, the trend has changed and kitchens are used to prepare western style food also like chowmeins, maggi and pizzas, pasta. Chulhas (Hearth) or stoves was used earlier by people to prepare food. Those were being replaced by gas cylinders to cook food.

    Now we have the pipeline systems in our homes, which does not require gas cylinders. So, cooking has even enhanced with the modifications in kitchen.

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    I think kitchens are safe. Though most of us can't cook, readymade mixes are available in market which are tad cheap and too easy to make. Your grandma used mortar and pestel to grind wheat grains to make dough. Your mom brings Aashirvad aata from market.
    That is how future is. Sealed and ready, all the food materials will be available. The art of cooking would be restricted to chefs.

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