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    Sun’s Quick Automobile Vowel Quiz

    Sun's Quick Automobile Vowel Quiz
    This is the quiz in line with the A to Z alphabet quiz of our ISC ME. But this is a Vowel quiz (AEIOU). Members are to answer the 5 questions in order of the English vowels. The answer clue is given as the number of alphabets present in that word.

    The questions will be posted in this thread right at 2100 hrs today Sunday. The first three members posting the all correct answers will win the Sun's gift from ISC virtual gift shop.

    Please wait for the clock to strike 9 in the evening.

    @ This will be a trial quiz from SuN. If successful, such vowel quiz will be posted regularly every week for fun and joy. ME for 26 alphabets, and SuN for 5 vowels.

    2100 hrs Update with the questions.
    1. Keeps an important equipment energetic and live. (10)
    2. Tail end of a vehicle system (7,4,3)
    3. Until it turns, it won't create noise (8,3)
    4. Wavers up and down (8)
    5. The sitting comfort lies in this (10)

    Members, Kindly post your answers to my e-mail ID “'. And leave a message here that you have sent your answers to my e-mail ID.

    Closing time – Tomorrow 28th May 2018 (2000 hrs IST)
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    The quiz questions have been updated in the original message. Kindly post your good answers to my e-mail ID ''. And post a message here that you have sent your answers.

    Shoot please.

    No life without Sun

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    Dear Mr.SuN, sent in the answers now to your mail.

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    Mr. Natarajan,
    Received your e-mail.

    No life without Sun

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    Alas! No one seems to be interested in my well thought simple Quiz on automobile except Mr. Natarajan. I feel it as a failure. Dr. Rao, who assured his participation, did not turn up. What could be the reason? Is it because the Quiz doesn't provide any cash credit? Or is it a tough quiz to answer?

    Due to poor response, the Quiz closing time is extended for another 24 hours. Will remain open till 2000 hrs on 29th May 2018.

    No life without Sun

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