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    Now the trend is playing mass songs in classical instruments!

    As we have categorized sogs in several ways but the most two important is folk songs which are recognized as mass beats and classical songs which fall in classical music like Carnatic. In olden days classical music is played in classical instruments like Veena e.t.c but now the modern trend is playing super hit songs in super hit movies in the classical instrument like Veena. How difficult it is but the younger generation is doing with ease. It also lures more people who want to learn classical musical instruments. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    These days there is a very good development in instruments of electrical or electronics type. So with the same instrument, they can make any type of music. So we are able to hear very good music these days. Some musicians are using old instruments like Veena Some musicians are playing classical music with new instruments. really these days we are able to hear a very good music because of these developments.
    One of my friends is a very good musician in East Godavari Dt of Andhra Pradesh. He learned Veena from very famous musician Chitti Babu garu. He has become an expert and now many English Rhymes, and other latest songs he will play on Veena and he is getting a very good name in that area.
    The TV music shows are contributing a lot for bringing out the talent available in the society through their programmes on their Channel. The Programme in the Telugu language on Etv conducted by Balu has brought many good musicians on to the cinema field.

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