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    Once Upon A Time In The Indian Politics & The Story Goes!

    This is the story of a Former CM and Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav who has sought two years time from the state government to vacate his government accommodation & move into another residence. This is in connection with following a Supreme Court order that the state government had then served a notice to Akhilesh and five other former UP CMs on May 17, asking them to vacate their government bungalows within 15 day time. The story doesn't end here but continues with the Mayawati too, the Former UP Chief Minister and now Member of Parliament has not only been allotted three contiguous bungalows in one of Delhi's poshest localities but they have been amalgamated into one super bungalow. In continuation, there is a news that this has been converted to a memorial in the name of "'Shri Kanshi Ram Ji Yadgar Vishram Sthal', through a Cabinet decision on January 13, 2011.

    What else we want in the name of politics?
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    Sri Lal Bahadur Sastry was the railway minister in Nehru's cabinet. Once during his tenure as railway minister, there was a train accident. Sri Sastry accepted the responsibility for the accident as the railway minister. He submitted the resignation to PM. Pm had not taken action still. He came out of his office and refused to get into the car allotted to him as he was not the railway minister at that moment. He had gone home on foot. Those days the ministers and politicians were like that. His son was working in a private Organisation and he was expecting a promotion. So he went to his father and asked him to just make a phone call to the MD of the company so that his promotion will be fast. Immediately Sastry replied him not accept the promotion even though they offer him as the management may approach him for a favour by saying that they have promoted his son. I think those are the values those days in the politicians and they never thought they can use their positions for their personal benefits. But these days the thoughts and views are completely on the opposite side.
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