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    She gave her life. We forgot her!

    With the outbreak of the Nipah virus infections in Kozhikode, the brave doctors and nurses along with the administration took measures to stop the spread of the disease.

    In their tireless efforts to treat infected patients, one nurse got infected and sadly gave her life in the line of duty. She was Nurse Lini Puthussery who treated the first Nipah virus patient and two others at Perambara Hospital.

    She could not see some of her family members and was cremated quickly for the fear of the spread of infection.

    People are quick to point out mistakes of doctors and nurses but fail to recognize the selfless sacrifice of people like her. Hat's off to Mrs. Lini.P
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    Once she knew that she would not survive, she wrote a moving letter to her husband, "I am almost on my way. I don't think I will be able to see you. Sorry. Take care of our children properly. Our innocent child, take him to the gulf. They shouldn't be alone like our father. Lots of love…"

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    My heartfelt respect to the lady, Mrs. Lini Puthussery, who lost her life while performing her duty. Such conscientious people brighten the image of the noble profession.
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    My deep condolences to the deceased lady Ms Lini Puthussery. She performed her duty to the core of the heart and saved the lives. But in that process, she lost her life. As there are some people who make their profession proud of them, the world is at least like this. She made the profession proud. Let her soul rest in peace. Let the Kerala government help the deceased family.
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    Often we don't have the words to come up with the expressions & so I feel the same in the mean time. It was sad but at least she was able to give some meaning to her life. It would be better if others including us take a note & choose the right path instead of just moving onto the wrong direction while blaming other's for their choices.

    May God bless her.

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