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    How very small things can make a huge difference

    There is a saying in Tamil, "vuthavikaramaaga illa vittalum upaththiramaaga irukka koodathu" ( if you cannot help, at least please do not give pain or disturb).

    If we observe very small things, we can easily make life that much easy for some people, and help them. Or we can easily appreciate them for their work and see the difference.

    For example, in Chennai buses, even after the recent hectic increase in prices of tickets, the poor conductors have to deal with customers who don't give them change. If a ticket costs Rs.11/, the customer would give only rupees fifteen and expect the conductor to give back four rupees. The poor guy cannot find change, and then heated exchanges always take place.

    What stops us from having small change, so that all this anger can be avoided? Similarly, at our own homes or in other houses, we often see small children coming up to show us their skills in some small drawing or painting or whatever. If we appreciate them immediately, they feel so happy.

    Housewives who do not work, always do ask us for feedback about quality of food. If we praise them, they feel so happy. This happens even when we visit other houses. They expect small feedback.

    These are small things, but they can make a huge difference in terms of helping everyone, live far more happier lives or get through small difficulties. Anger can come down and should come down, at various points in life. The small change problem is only illustrative. There are other instances too, where anger can and should be controlled.
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    The author has raised so many issues in one single thread. For example the change problem in the buses was best ridden off in the Telangana as the ticket prices were fixed as 5,10,15 and 20. So there is no question of small change and the commuters are also having peaceful traveling experience. And when our children do some home work or special project work involving drawings and illustrations we must appreciate their hard work and creativity and that will pave way for greater interest in future projects. And most important is the word of appreciation to the house wife. She prepares good food and wont even keep small quantity for her and still expects some good words or good comments on the food served. Even though it is short of taste, appreciation is must to her.
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    Good feelings by the author. It is true small things make a huge difference. When a small child comes to you with a piece of paper in the hand on which she made a drawing if you appreciate her for the good work, she will get delighted. She will pursue further she may become a good artist. So there is no loss of appreciating her. That will give her a big boost. When your son comes to you and tells that he got 80% if you appreciate him, it will act as a catalyst to him and he will try further develop his score. Instead, if you say you are not happy, he may get demotivated. A small gift to a little girl will make her happy and her positive thinking will improve. Like this, we can give many examples for this.
    I personally feel it is better to keep quiet if we are not able to help somebody instead of shouting at the other person. A small positive response will bring in very big motivation in the person.

    always confident

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    There are situations in our lives wherein the presence of mind doesn't takes place. In those times we lose the patience & as a result we found ourselves in the middle of a heated debate resulting into nothing but the bad relationships & lack of understanding with a lack of interest too.

    We as a personality is a very complex creature in this planet with an uncertainty of predictions about what we are going to do. This is because we are also dependent upon the other creatures as well. More such creatures if not handled properly will lead to nuisances in a family & in a society as a whole. We have to admit that we lack the understanding within us & with others too. This small thing we miss & we leave the status of being a human being.

    We can take an instance from our routine life. For example, unnecessary use of horn or keep the engine on while we are into crossing & there we find a red light. We are so much in hurry that we even leave the Ambulances behind without caring that the patient might lead to death. We surely have lost the importance of others & its "US", who remains important.

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    What a lovely thread. This is true that little things make huge differences in our lives and increase their worth too.
    Author has picked up so many sweet little examples and compiled them all together to make us realize their values.

    Every person who is making little efforts to progress, we should appreciate them. Also, if possible, we should guide them towards success. If we cannot guide them, at least we don't have any rights to spoil their happiness. Let them be happy and contented the way they are. There is a very famous quote "A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected."

    Do what inspires you !!

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    This thread brings back memories of my children (during LKG days) who would show me with joy, the stars given by the teacher on their hands or drawing book. The moment I added 2-3 little stars next to it, their face would have a bigger smile and they would be happier. Just a small gesture, but it makes a huge difference on the other side. This applies to elderly parents, spouses, the security watchman, the cleaning staff at the office etc.

    I have mentioned in some of my responses in the past. It doesn't matter if you cannot help, please just do no harm. If we apply this in life, things would change for the good.

    Many times, in a day, we end up with pent-up feelings and anger that we have to take it out, like the boss on a poor employee, the teacher on a student, the husband on his wife etc. All we need is a little patience and common sense to avoid fights, road rage and arguments in public places.

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