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    Homes for wealth, caring and sharing, and everything else

    Homes are for caring and sharing. Owning a home, or living in a rented house, always brings security, for we feel, 'this is our home". No matter whatever comforts we enjoy in any other home of our very close friends or relatives, including our own sons or daughters, those comforts are nothing for the most important feel, even if we pull out a folding cot, and sleep right in front of our houses, enjoying all the natural environs, as people in most villages do.

    Similarly, home is the only place where we ventilate and share all our joys, sorrows, frustrations and what have you. Home is the place where we share feelings, emotions, and intimate moments.

    Home is the place where every small corner has its own memories. Of our dear child climbing up, making all the fun, scribbling on the walls, and coming up with all their pranks.

    Home is also the place where we remember those who are no more. We recollect with fond affection, all the love and affection they showered on us. All their advise, and their reprimanding at times.

    Home is all about the feeling of empowerment that we get at home. Empowerment of our near and dear ones too. For example, even if we get some small thing done so well, like getting the plumber to do a good job of installing new taps, or the interior designer coming up with radically new ideas and getting that done.

    Home, at least in India, is the only solid foundation of keeping the institution of marriage in tact, and thriving. Home is where happiness is. Home is where all that is good is. Home is the ultimate place for new hopes, aspirations, dreams and achievements.

    This is my entry for the contest on "Home". TOW
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    Mr.ABSIVAMUAR, please post a URL in the original announcement here.

    A minor point, but I would also add TOW in the last line of this thread

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    The author has made a very good presentation of Home. Really we will be always comfortable once we are in our home. After working for the whole day generally, we will get tired and like to take some rest. Once we come back to our home we feel we are relaxed. Get free and sit in an easy chair and relax for a moment. You will feel completely relaxed. But instead of coming home we go to a good hotel and just relax in an Ac room. You will understand the difference. Your easy in the house looks 100% better than the AC room. You will be anxious to come back home at the earliest from the AC room even though you don't have an AC in your house. The special feeling we get by coming home is not comparable to any other feeling. We will enjoy the company of parents, wife and children in the house. The words they spoke, the care they take and the love they exhibit are unique and you can't find anywhere in this world.
    always confident

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