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    Mood Vs Pulse of the Nation Survey

    I came across two polls related to the 2019 elections in two major newspaper websites with almost contrary views.

    The pulse of the Nation survey conducted by the times group (8,44,646 people). When asked about whom would they vote for as PM if elections were to be held now, 71.9% would vote for Mr.Narendra Modi as PM again, 11.93% would vote for Mr.Rahul Gandhi.This poll was conducted in May this year

    The Mood of the Nation survery by CSDS-Lokniti (15,859 people) conducted in April/May revealed that 47% of people do not feel that the Modi government deserves as second chance and 39% felt, and 47% were dis-satisfied with the BJP government's performance.

    The former can be read in detail from the Times of India, 26th May , the latter from Deccan Herald, 25th May web pages . Which one would be closer to the truth only time will tell.
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    The first survey was conducted with a higher sample count ie they have questioned a higher number of people. Around 8,44,646 people have participated in the survey conducted by times group. In that, almost about 71.9% people favoured Modi for the second time. 71.9% of 8,44,646 people is about 607300. so many people gave a positive reply to PM. Around 237346 people are not happy. Here the sample size is high. Always higher sample rates give better near to the fact results.
    In the second one, only 15,859 people were questioned. In that about 39% only favoured him. 39% out of 15,859 people is about 6185. if we take all the remaining are not in favour, the number is equivalent to 9674. If we add up the numbers in both the surveys, the total people participated are 860505. from them, 613485 people supported the present PM. The percentage of supporters are 71%. Then we can say on the whole about 71% people are supporting Modi as PM for the next five years. This is also an indication to show that the PM is still commanding the good reports of many people.

    always confident

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    These are the sample surveys & this is created in order to get the estimation of the possibilities in the formation of the governments. I have never come across the surveys which have been 100% accurate & can be believed upon. These are nothing but an instrument to remain in limelight & for the news channels to increase their TRP.

    The election has got enough time to come & in between there are a lot to happen which can move the result to any of the side.

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    What I feel that as the elections approach fast , surveys are conducted by various organizations. But what I feel that most of the surveys are managed and not real. That means they are not conducting surveys in every village and town. Just by randomly asking passerby and registering the outcome as the over all result is just fooling. Yes it is the fact that Modi is being rejected in many states post demonetization. But at the same time the same voter is forced to think the alternative formidable candidate who is not present. Therefore they have to chose Modi only as Rahul has to learn politics more.
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