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    Why preconceived notions are very dangerous

    Several years ago, when I was employed at a Management Institute in Western India, a particular group of three girls had this horrible preconceived idea: anyone who is dark in color, is a bad fellow, and we should never make friends with them.

    It so happened that three fairly dark complexioned men became their colleagues, with whom they needed to interact in one form or the other. The professors liked each one of them, as they were hardworking and had great attention to detail. However, the three girls always saw them as enemies and, worse, even only commented on their skin color.

    The three men, took everything in their stride and did not react at all, doing their work, all the time. It so happened that one of the girls met with a road accident. One of the dark men, who saw her, took her immediately to the hospital, and the other two also, landed at the hospital. The parents who arrived later, profusely thanked the man. All the three just said that it was their duty and after a week, the girl openly apologized for all her mistakes. The three girls and the three men, subsequently became the thickest of friends.

    The aforesaid real life story is just one example. We, for whatever reason, assume things. For instance, a single stare from a stranger is enough to conclude that he is a rogue. Fact is, he might be having a friend exactly similar in looks. The merry go round goes on and on...

    Preconceived notions are very dangerous and can destroy families, friendships and everything else. We can never assume anything about anybody, at any point in time. If we do so, we will only regret our mistake later.

    Let us put an effective end to preconceived notions.
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    It is true preconceived notions will not help always. It is not correct to take a decision by just seeing without understanding the whole issue properly. It is foolish to think that all dark complexion people are bad. If complexion is the measure there may be many people who are really good may be considered as the other way. So we shouldn't come to a decision without understanding the whole issue fully and with some preconceived ideas.
    During my childhood, I used to think that if the eyes of a person were red, he was a drinker and he was having a habit of consuming alcohol. This point even I discussed with some of my same-aged relations. Once there was a marriage in our house. One of my relatives attended the marriage whose eyes are very red. I had a lot of fear for him thinking that he was having the habit of drinking. The relatives with whom I shared my view frightened me saying that he is always will be in a drunken state only. I never know that they were teasing me. In the evening my father asked me why I was not talking to that person. I expressed my doubt. Then my father told me that he is a very good man and not having any bad habits. His eyes are red due to some problem. from then onwards I have taken away that preconceived notion.

    always confident

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    The preconceived notion is a state of forming an opinion beforehand without adequate evidence & on the basis of generalized way. Not going specific but we are aware of the bias attitude among different entities just on the basis of pre-occupied impression or idea. The biggest disadvantage of this phenomena is that the differences will continue to persist resulting into unwanted nuisances.

    Although these are not good for the society as a whole or in context to the nation but still have been continued to exist in some form. In our country, we already have developed a certain attitude or the philosophy to different religions, caste & the community wherein this has also resulted into the bias attitude towards each other. The modern education & the information technology have been playing an important role in reducing the gaps but again the politics has increased the rifts in between them & so this remained there all the time.

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    I agree preconceived notions can be dangerous. We should not form a wrong image of a person just by seeing them until we know them. It is also being said, that people who drink or smoke, they are bad in nature. But this is not right, we should not form such an image of any guy. It could be that it is just a habit of that person.
    We think that these people are not following the right habits, and so they must be not good in nature. But that is not the right approach. This is called the perceived image of people that we form.
    The image should be perceived on the basis of conversations and seeing and noticing the behaviour of the other people.

    Do what inspires you !!

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