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    Is it wrong to often recall childhood memories?

    When we were young, and not knowing much about the world around us, it was but natural to have had all the fun. If it was a co-educational school, all the more so.

    We might have teased a girl. We might have been teased too. We might have talked all innocent things, and looked up to our parents for answers, some of which might have embarrassed them.

    For instance, many parents do tell their children that God gives them a sister or a brother. When we grow up to around ten years old, we start the questions: How is that the neighboring family has four children and they are suffering? Does it mean God has been unkind to them? The questions were endless.

    And when we finally came to know everything, we laughed among ourselves. Cut to current times. Children know everything about everything, even before they are eight years old.

    However, when we recall such innocent pranks, all the fun, all the laughter, all our love for nature, our wives or relatives or friends, often chide us for being "childish".

    Our sons and daughters are not interested too, more so, if we remember those good old, nice , but tough times our parents went through. They had a sense of mission. This, our youngsters say, is rubbish.

    That was a different era. This is a totally new reality.

    Which is true? Why can't we share all that we want to share? And why is such sharing restricted to just a few people, mostly our own school classmates? What has really changed, and why?
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    There is nothing wrong with recalling childhood memories. Many people will do that. Today's children will also do that once they were grown up. I always share my childhood memories with my children. Mainly the times we spent with our grandparents at their houses along with our cousins. How we used to play those days and how our grandparents are treating us and how they are taking care of us, all these experiences I share with my children. My grandfather used to tell us many stories in the nights before we go to bed. I repeat those stories to my children when they are free. All those stories will carry a message which will give us a lot of enlightenment about the life and the various factors which are to be taken care of dealing with people.
    But these days the children are more interested in playing with cell phones or observing TV but not in hearing these stories. That is why many people don't give importance to these issues. But these are very valuable and the children will get definitely more knowledge about the way of life and importance of Ethics in life if they really understand these memories.

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    That's up to us to decide whether we want to or we don't want to.

    Life is so professional these days that we don't find enough time to go back & enjoy the past memories. It's only that someone had raised the matter that we began to open to others about the different times that we have been through. If I take an instance of myself then, my parents are still there where I used to study during my childhood days. Whenever I visit any of the specific places I found the another picture going on & I was being A part of it. The things have been changed much in the way that few remains the weak structure but few have come up with the new construction.

    It's different to imagine the different times of our life & comparing with that of today. I never had thought of being grown-up someday & I will be missing few in my life but the same is happening to me & I feel helpless of the changes & the new things being coming-ups..

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    I would say it is great to recall the childhood memories. As a child, we were an innocent being. We used to learn about every little thing, used to ask our parents if we did not know. And also they used to give impressive and satisfactory answers to those questions, be those questions are simple, hard or awkward.

    The childhood we have lead, was really great. It was full of fun and happiness. Earlier, parents used to spend proper time with their children, to have their legacy. To understand their concerns and thoughts. Now the times have changed, children are becoming mature at an early age. They are aware of a lot of things, which we could never even thought of at that age during our times. Because the way school teaches was different that time. Now, the parents are more occupied with their own professional and household work. They get a limited amount of time to spend with their child, and so the children are becoming more independent at an early age. This independence makes them mature at a very young age. It is being said that excessive knowledge of something is also not good.
    The independent style of living, makes the children gather thoughts from here and there, whosoever they meet.
    At our times, what we used to call innocence is a kind of playful stuff for today's children and their childhood because they have gone much beyond that in their thoughts.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    A child's curiosity is endless, it's an age when we know so little and there is so much to learn.

    There is no harm in recollecting our childhood memories as they bring a smile to our face, some tears of joy. Some of us would not have such good fortune always, their children would have many painful moments that are best left buried deep.

    Coming to the last para, you can share all the memories but the people whom you share should know the value of it, should be of the same wavelength and more or less the same age group. For instance, the best Sundays for us were a movie, popcorn, kulfi and finishing off the evening with the small baji and bondas with lemon goli soda that used to be sold at the street corners. We would finish all with just 5 rupees in each one's pocket.

    If I tell this to my children, they would laugh or not really connect with it. But the same among childhood friends, they would truly be glad and say, yes those were the good old day? This is the change that has happened, the time has passed and so has a generation.

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    For everyone the childhood memories are great and enchanting. Every child would have gone through the magic spell of cuddling, cajoling pampering and above all being the most sought after child in the family for being cute and have the niche to create tricky moments during childhood. In fact when we see other child, we go back to our childhood and compare how we were enjoying. The other day I was conversing with small children as to what they know about children sports or games. They are pointing out the one available on computer or cell phone. That means they are not aware of games played out door and indoors those days. Like Gilli Dhanda, koko, See saw, Chupa chupi, Seven stones, pebbles and carroms. All these games were the integral part of the small children those days and now a days children are stay put in the house with their eyes on computer games and cell phone games only.
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