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    Hostel : A Home away from Home!

    As a child, I grew up at home with the love of family members and enjoyed life until 9th standard. Upon entering the 10th standard, the unthinkable happened. I had to stay in the hostel for three years until 12th.

    At the beginning, I refused to even consider this, was it fear? was it the thought of missing the love of parents and brothers and my favorite dog Jimmy? or was it missing my gang of buddies in the neighborhood? the lack of confidence to manage my studies on my own? In truth, it was a mixture of all.

    When it became inevitable, I cursed my fate for having dealt such a cruel blow. Disheartened, dejected, with a sea of mixed emotions and a little anticipation, I started my 10th standard and got the taste of hostel life. Initially, it was harsh, the food that never tasted like mother's food, the stares from strangers, the need to share space in the room with others, being pushed around by bullies etc.

    But I survived the initial few months unhurt, I slowly made friends, took up what I liked in terms of sports and the hostel facilities and got used to the food. Life was looking brighter, although, I still longed to be at home, the separation was bearable. Letters from home an short visits by family acted as a welcome buffer buoying my spirits.

    By the end of six months, I had found 8 other friends and we became a close bunch. We studied hard, helped each other out with the laundry, travel and paying the fees. We enjoyed the free time by going to movies, cricket matches, learn't how to be safe on the streets and defend ourselves.

    At the end of the first year, I had transformed from a pampered kid to an adolescent who could take care of myself. I was surprised that I could hold off for a year being at the hostel and actually started enjoying it. This hostel life gave me a new insight, changing bonds, new friendships, independence, doing things for myself, learning to handle separation and finances.

    Away from home, I had the chance to learn and experiment the wrong things in life, take up alcohol or drugs but the desire to excel, prove myself and not to let down my parents trust, I could stay clear of all these unwanted distractions.

    The golden years of hostel life taught me a whole lot of new things that I couldn't have learnt at home. Thanks to the lessons learnt at the hostel, which was in fact a 'Home away from Home' I was better equipped to enter my college life with a whole new outlook to life and no surprise, I stayed continued my hostel life for the next five years, repeating the whole cycle that I had started in my 10th standard but the only difference was that now I was looking forward to it.

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    A good write up by the author for the topic based TOW contest. Many of us might have experienced hostel life during our education. The life in a hostel is having some advantages and some disadvantages as well. It all depends on the individual and how he utilised the change is important.
    I was in the hostel during my M.Sc. My high school studies, college studies were from my house only. I used to commute daily. So I was not in the hostel till I complete my graduation. Hostel life will bring a lot of change in the behaviour of the students. Some students will have positive change and some may have the other.
    To understand the world and to know how to deal with the people and to get good worldly knowledge it is better for a student to spend at least a year or two in the hostel during the student life.

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    Beautiful narration & well equipped with the different emotions of life being taking place inside the same mind. As myself have too faced this but this is quite obvious that in case of change we need time in order to get adjusted with the unexpected events. During the time that we feel odd because so sudden everything around us is new to us & we are still managing things about what is wrong & what is right.

    But as the life time keep up with the pace then everything of those become the inseparable part of our life. The friends & the life style then together form as the beautiful moment which always makes us happy from within. This remains the case with each one of us.

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    Life changes drastically when a student moves from home to hostel. There are lot of new things, some are exciting while others fearful. The feeling of managing by oneself is unpalatable. New friend are not turned into buddies. Financial and health management are new dimensions added to the otherwise calm and carefree life.

    The author has nicely picturised the fears and aspirations of a first time hostler.

    Knowledge is power.

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    We had many discussion threads and a couple of articles in ISC pages about Hostel life.

    I was always a day scholar. I had mentioned same in the discussions also. But hostel life like any other thing , has its two sides the good and bad.
    Many times it is like' the grass on the other side is green'.
    In real life there are many examples of students becoming better than what they would have been at their own home. There are also some examples wherein students have turned into ruffians and drug addicts.
    So hostel life can be a mixed bag. Sometimes 'the pebbles get polished' and sometimes' the diamonds get dimmed'too.

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    Hostel life teaches us to be confident, self-sufficient, self-disciplined, ability to work in a group. All these qualities immensely help us during our working life in a different city/state/country. When we go to hostel leaving our home, we are afraid and unhappy. On the other hand, when we leave the hostel, we feel unhappy but not at all afraid. We are then ready to take on the world.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    When a person goes to a different environment like a hostel, the most important thing that happens is the fact that he or she has to jell with people from totally different economic backgrounds. That is, backgrounds that are different not only from the economic angle, but also from the social front. The heterogeneous nature of such an environment does bring certain imperatives like learning to adjust with limited resources, to swaying moods of peers, the discipline of the hostel wardens, the distractions of the opposite sex at school, and the like.

    Getting over distractions is in itself, a very big challenge. So is the need to take part in social functions or get together meets in the hostel or even in inter-college events, during which the hostel inmates have to provide accommodation to strangers from other colleges.

    There are so many good things -- the organizing abilities, the adjustment capabilities, development of the "can-do" attitude and such other qualities stand out. Once the hostel life comes to an end, he or she has the ability to take on the bigger challenges of dealing with the external world.

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