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    Should We Believe In Our Destinations Or Not?

    Life comes up with different experiences from time to time which often proved to be unexpected & sometimes seems to be unjustified to us. This is so because we feel that our commitment & hard work didn't pay off.

    For example, I was on time before I left for the office but on the way & because of jam I got stuck in the middle & finally I was late when reached to the office. Another time while I was on the way for my interview, I opted to go through the Metro rail but due to the system failures the metro got delayed for more then an hour. Although I managed to reach on time but from within me I wasn't free but feeling a bit tense. In many of the interviews, although went good but couldn't get selected but in other I was offered the offer letter.

    It's difficult to understand the way & the mechanisms in which the world moves. The bike couldn't started on time & the jam in middle of the route to office or the metro rail shut down while I was on the way for something urgent & important. Anyhow we don't have the choice left with us instead of keep managing the things which come across us. Perhaps something aren't meant for us & so it's good to accept this.
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    We should accept that destiny plays an important role in our lives. We all should accept it and I am 100% sure that destiny will play a role in the life. People say on every piece of rice the name of the eater is written. You can't change it. But when we are successful we all feel that we have done an excellent job and we will never think about our destiny. But when there are failures only we will talk about destiny. So try to learn to be thankful for your victories also to God for blessing you with that victory.
    Many times many things go the other way even though we take all our precautions to be successful. Those times we think about this destiny.
    I am an ardent lover of my mother's father. I got the news that he was in the hospital. That day evening I talked to my mother. She told that the fever had come down and most probably he will get discharged the next day. I told my mother that I will make a trip on that day to see him. But she told not to come as nothing was serious and he recovered well. So I dropped the idea. Unfortunately, the next day morning news was that he was no more. I thought I was not fortunate enough to see him one more when he was alive. I believed that that is nothing but destiny. Even though you wanted to go you had not gone.
    One should believe in destiny.

    always confident

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    Yes, we should believe in our destinations. Sometimes, life would be hectic and not so easy. We will have the hurdles stopping us on our way. But that will not be the end. The roughness and toughness that life shows us, is sometimes just to realize that bad times are unpredictable, so we should be prepared and keep going.

    This does not mean that we will be halted. We have to continue moving towards our goal, where we are destined to be.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Life is all about normalcy interwoven with surprises. We should believe in this and not treat it as a mathematical problem looking for order and stepwise results.

    I have learned in life to expect the unexpected. In the past, while I was hoping for a promotion, I have been forced the leave a job due to circumstances created by others for their own self-gain.

    But I have moved on firmly believing in destiny and not questioning the injustice. There is something called as destiny and all we can do is to try and make the best of it instead of resigning completely.

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