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    Will you oblige her or ignore her?

    This is the situation: You are on your two wheeler or four wheeler moving alone on a highway at night. At about 11 p.m, in a calm and quiet junction area, under a street light, an young lady in saree and blouse with Jasmine on her plaits shows her thumb down to take a lift in your vehicle.

    What would you do?
    Will you stop and oblige her request for a lift?
    Will you just ignore her and don't stop your vehicle?
    Let your response be interesting.
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    Definitely, I won't give a lift to her if I am alone. There is absolutely no doubt about it. But I will try to assist her by calling the Police.
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    First of all one has to understand and probe the situation. If the lady is alone and with baggage, that means she might have stranded or being forcefully go down at a unknown place. If she is modern and showing attitude , then giving lift is a risk. If she volunteers and pleads for the lift, you have the right to probe and decide. But again if she asking for a lift for a shorter distance , she may be allowed to get in. If she is really in trouble or ran away from the house, better to inform the police station and hand over her. We cannot take some decisions without verifying the facts and therefore decide on the spot which seems to be fit.
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    It is a very tricky situation for both parties, it can mean good (genuine issue) or bad (a trap). The first thing I would do is be very alter about the street and the bushes on the opposite side for the fear of being ambushed or surprised.

    Because of the suspicious circumstances and sheer risk of lured into a trap, I would move away further, stop and then call the police to give the location. If it is a trap, then the other members intending to create harm come out and runoff from the place or chase me.

    If it is a real situation and the lady needs help, at least I would wait until the police arrive. If a bus or van with people passes by in the meanwhile, I would flag it down, at such times, there is always safety in numbers.

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    Quite scary a situation if you believe in ghosts . I might give a lift. Yes. Because I'm afraid of the regrets I might have if I didn't help her than the threat she might pose. If she has a baggage its mandatory to help. But guns and knives can easily fit in bags. So making her sit by the side in a car is better. If you are on bike, then just be very cautious.
    This is a really weird situation very much witnessed in real life too. But I'm thinking why would that woman board my vehicle. I get her desperation and all but its 11 and I am a man. I might harm her instead. If she's a bit hesitant and shy, understand that she is a normal girl. If she readily jumps into the vehicle then something is off. Maybe she's being pursued. Maybe she's a robber.
    But if she readily came and sat in front by your side and kept smiling, then she's probably immoral and is trying to take advantage of your situation.
    So..only as the situation develops we can take a correct decision.

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    I just ignore and proceed without even stopping there if I am alone. There is a saying in Telugu which means it is better to say no at the beginning itself rather than getting annoyed at the end. I strictly believe in that. By stopping there and asking the details where she has to go and how is she is there at that time and not helping her may give unhappiness to her even though she is happy when she sees you stopping the vehicle. These days we can't believe anybody that too in unknown places.
    Another issue is sometimes we will get into troubles if we try to help some people as the people are different types and they have their own methods of cheating the others. So I will never take a chance.

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