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    Tiffin box: The quintessential symbol of love

    Have some delightful experiences of a tiffin box? Share them here!

    I would be surprised to hear if someone at some point in time has not had the good fortune of being given a packed tiffin box by their mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, wife etc.

    Be it a toddler going to the play home, a child to school or a husband to work, most of them carry a hurriedly packed tiffin box/es that takes care of their hunger till the return home. Despite the busy work, be it a house-wife or a working woman, they take time to put a dish together to the children to eat at school and the husbands at the offices.

    It can be a single box with a breakfast dish or a 3-tier carrier with rice, chapathi, gravy etc. Some even have a separate box for cut fruits, a bottle for buttermilk, and some snacks. Opening such a box brings a smile or at least a sigh of contentment.

    Though times have changed, cafeteria and Swiggy have crept in our lives, the aura of the tiffin box is still unique, for it stands for the love and affection coming from a woman's heart.
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    Wonderful thread from the author. Cheers for this topic. I would be happy to send a lot of smiles on this thread, but it's not allowed to add emoticons in ISC, so I won't do so.

    Tiffin boxes will always be on the topmost priority for food. The homemade food will always be the best. No other options can cover it or bring it down. In fact, I also have the habit of eating homemade food only.
    Sometimes, if I am not able to do my breakfast, I always carry it along with me and have it in the office. Never does it feel like to have something from the cafeteria. Because I have the habit of eating homemade food only for breakfast.

    Tiffin boxes play a great role in our lives. The value they carry is priceless. Because the food is cooked by our mothers.

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    Nice thread from the author. Tiffin box has been the integral part of every house wife, house holds imaginative work done on daily basis to satisfy the eater either children or husband. One must understand that lots of planning goes in preparing food for the next day as tiffin box. Some may go for snack items, some may plan eatables like Idli, dosa, wada , Upma and semia. Some house holds wants their husband to have good food in the lunch as they pack three tier carrier with rice, curry and some fries. And the way each item is cooked with great taste shows the love and affection of the house hold. But what irritates one as the same tiffin box is hijacked and the contents eaten away by fellow workers who were starving for good taste of food and thus when on return to home you are not able to answer the wife about what she prepared and how it was ?
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    I am unfortunate that I did not carry any tiffin box to school as I studied in the schools located near my home. For lunch I return home. When I was in my eleventh standard, as many of my classmates coming to school by train brought their lunch, I was also fascinated to carry my lunch to school. As I do not like to eat light meals like idly dosa as lunch, my mom used to give me 'Ice biriyani' in a utencil called 'Thookku Chatti'. Now you may wonder with 'Ice Biriyani' and ask me what is 'Ice Biriyani'. If you are interested, ask me. I would tell you.
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    From my childhood till date I have the habit of carrying my tiffin box for school, college and office.
    In my school days, my mother has to pack and give a tiffin box for our lunch.
    In my college days, I used to get my carrier packed by my grandmother(Mother's Mother). My college was starting at 8 AM and I was to travel 1hour 30 minutes to reach the college. My grandmother used to pack the carrier by 5 AM. She never missed even one time in that. My respects to her for the troubles she has taken.
    After the education, while going to the job initially for some time before my marriage my aunty ( Mother's Sister) used to give the box. After marriage almost from the last 33 years, my wife is giving me the tiffin box. The beauty is whatever may the busy schedule she is having, she never stop giving the tiffin box.
    Sometimes when I was in the house and I take lunch on the table in the house I feel I took more food than what I can eat.

    always confident

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    Something which for sure will remind us of some beautiful moments of life with lots of emotions in combined. Those were the days wherein we even completed our tiffin before the lunch time. But now as we are grown-ups we are facilitated by the small vendors outside our office for our lunch. But the replacement strategy is not applicable to all the things & for all times.

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