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    Elections 2019 are coming and public is confused.

    Next year elections are coming and all the parties are gearing up for the same. In this preparation a lot of money is spent by all parties showcasing their achievements and positive facts only. Crores and crores of taxpayer money is spent on advertisement convincing the taxpayers to vote them into power so that they can rule them and extract tax against from them in name of development of nation.
    A lot of messages are shared about the ruling party i.e. BJP, some very positive and some very negative. It is for sure that a common man does have so much of data or time to built up these messages and share them. It is for sure handiwork of opposition as well as ruling party, wherein they employ professionals to do this publicity and marketing.
    It is a well defined theory in marketing that if you want someone to remember the brand then feed the public with repeated messages and the public will act in favour/ purchase the brand products.

    Similarly these parties in n order to get voted in next elections are feeding the public kind with paper ads, social media messages, TV ads and all other medium.
    In this slugfest those who have already been brainwashed have decided their votes and those who have some sense left have got confused as to whom to vote in coming elections.
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    Yes it is the fact and well known to all that the general elections are going to happen and along with that even state assemblies may also goes to poll if the BJP proposal to hold single day elections for assemblies and Parliament to cut the election expenses. And whom to vote is the big question? Well it is left to the voters discretion as they are alone the best judge to examine each party, their past performance, how they deceived, and how they minted money through corrupt practices. And more over a strong state and center relations is also important for over all development of respective state. So thinking all this and also weighing the candidates and his work of past, the voters are advised to exercise their own will and wish to cast the votes during 2019. One thing is sure, those who are towing the performance of each party shall vote with dignity and with pride.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Indian voters are most of the time confused and vote along caste/community/religious lines. This is due to the fact that Indian democracy is immature and follows multi-party system. But, very slowly, the situation is improving.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Next elections are due in 2019. The date is fast approaching. All parties already started their backdoor works to decide on the various issues concerned to the elections. But as expressed by the author many of the voters are very confused. This is mainly due to the immature voters of India. A voter should really know the importance of his vote and use his power very judiciously basing on the facts and figures of the party's achievements and the candidate's profile. Even I am a wellwisher of BJP if in my constituency a person who is very corrupt is contesting from my constituency under the BJP party. I feel I should not vote for him. That much thought process is not being done by the voters. They simply go by the unimportant issues.
    This should change and the voter should understand how important is his vote? Then we will have the correct people elected and we may have a good governance.

    always confident

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    The public always confuse to give votes to the political the India all politics do big promises during the elections and the poor public choose without thinking about the past parties what they did.they complete there promises or not ?

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    I have a different approach here. Although it's a reality that the huge size of the tax payers money is being used for serving the purposes of the politicians but the public is now more aware of the agenda of the different political parties & so there left the lesser chances for the politicians to befool the public. During last Central election the Congress party had spent more then seven hundred crores on the publicity of Rahul Gandhi but we have evident of his performance & the number of seats he able to won as a face of the Congress party. There are so many information which are easily available throughout net & during debates that we have more clearer view of the performances of the regional as well as in the national level politics. For some reason we are now in a better state of predicting the future or the existence of any of the politicians.

    Rest depends upon us to decide about whom to vote & if our decision is right then our future too would be good. This needs to be understood that everything revolves around us.

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