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    Do you agree for purchasing things on installments which are now available at your door step ?

    Now a days marketing has become more competitive and every one is exploring ways and means to earn some money by giving good service. Engaging a trolley and having all the house hold items in it, some energetic people would go door by door to sell the products which are invariably cheap than the market price. Such things are always wanted by the house holds, and they get them even in interest free installments. Do you allow your house holds to purchase such items on installments at your doorstep or you take the responsibility of getting them on cash ?
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    By this, both the seller and buyer are benefitted. While the buyers saves the amount spent for conveyance to reach the market and return, the seller gets his profit with very little expenditure for going door to door of many houses. I would say that the market moves to many houses to sell many products. Especially, in villages this is being done. Buying items on easy instalment is good, and it is like getting items freely with no heavy cash payment.
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    But there may be concealed over riding cost being collected from the customer ?
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    I prefer all normal requirements like household items and general items to be purchased on the card. Even a little costly appliance I prefer to purchase on the card only.
    But some very costly items like four wheeler I purchased on a loan from a bank and I am paying the instalments every month. This mobile selling will definitely be cheap than going to the shop and purchasing. The vehicle will travel for all the people not for an individual. If we have to go for our needs we have to separately go. The shopkeeper has to have his establishment. So by this mobile shops both the parties are getting benefitted.

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    Our decisions can be made to take off on the basis of the availability of funds. For example, if the funds are being arranged then Credit card can be used so that by next Month while the amount is due, the payment is also initiated the same time so as not to get interest charged.

    In another option, we can go for the installments till no additional amounts are being charged by the seller. I saw this option while going through the prices of the latest mobiles for a certain range. The duration could be of 3-6 Months wherein the no additional amounts is billed by the seller.

    Loan is another option but its good if we choose to go for the home loans.

    But we need to think if we are so much in urgency & in case it's not that urgent then it would be good to wait till we got the enough money before we intend for any purchasing.

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