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    Does the helmet rule apply for physically challenged persons on their three or four wheeler ?

    Helmet rule is now imposed strictly across the country and heavy fines are imposed on violators and thus made compulsory to wear the helmet even for the ladies and elders. On the cross roads, the traffic police are sporting with cameras to click all those who are not wearing the helmets. Yesterday when I happen to stand at the signal for the clearance, I saw a traffic police clicking a physically handicapped person on his four wheeler scooter for not wearing the helmet. That really irked me. In what way that rule is applicable to four wheel scooter which does not fall and not fatal to the rider ?
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    I think the police is right in checking the physically challenged rider. Any two wheeler or four wheeler which doesn't have a top is considered to be unsafe for the person driving the vehicle, especially the head. If the vehicle meets with an accident, the scotter (2/4 wheel) is likely to be thrown away to cause head injury.

    Why should a physically handicapped become more handicapped due to head injury ? The police is right in taking action action the physically handicapped driver.

    No life without Sun

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    Even though there is an attachment for the scooter for the convenience of the physically challenged driver, the vehicle will be considered as a two-wheeler only. All the rules of two-wheeler only will apply to this vehicle also. A person who has to drive this vehicle should have a two-wheeler driving licence only. No four wheeler driving licence is required for driving this. As such, I feel there is nothing wrong with clicking a photo by the police. The person might have had his helmet. This is for his safety only. He should be more careful as already he is already having a problem in some other area. Added to that he should not get another problem. So my opinion is they should take more precautions than an ordinary person.
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    I agree with Sun Sir.

    The four wheeler scooter isn't safe as this remains free from all sides & can easily be lead to unbalancing causing the serious accident. This is even more important that this got surrounded by the heavy vehicles from all sides with the uncertain or unexpected movements. Its good if we keep on with the helmet with us because it's our life & it's our choice to about how to take our safety because at a time it's none of other's business.

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    Helmet is the safeguard against the possible fall which will not happen in three or four wheeler scooter.
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