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    Is Home theater still a sour grape for the middle-class people?

    Everyone watches a movie in public theatres but some people and celebrities have the luxury to bring theatre to their home so that they will curtail the traveling time, cost and can also have a clean and hygienic environment while watching the movie (new movie if possible), serials and favorite sports. you almost have a feeling watching the movies or favorite sports or serials or family functions and parties in public theatres. In public theatres, you may have tension whether you may get tickets and you and your loved ones may sit beside you and you may not have a lot of privacy while watching the movie in public theatres. But everyone will not have the luxury to bring theatre to homes but except a few. It is still a sour grape to middle-class people. Do you like to watch a movie or favorite sports or serials in Home theatre? or Do you like to watch in a Public theatre?
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    My favourite place is a good public theatre to watch a movie. We have a home theatre and sometimes we watch old movies and other interesting videos on it. recently we got Amazon fire stick also and we are able to see new movies also. But I still feel the music system and the ambience in a theatre is always preferable than a home theatre.
    Whenever we feel like going for a movie if there is any good recent movie in the theatre we prefer going there. If there are no good movies then we will try to watch some old movie in the house using the stick.
    Recently a very hit Telugu movies by name Rangastalam was released. But we couldn't go for the movie. Then we watched the same in the house. But I am not very much satisfied with that.

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