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Special Prize Winner of Topic based TOW contest for the week 27th May - 2nd June'18 on topic - 'Home'
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    How to convert a house into a home in present scenario?

    Do we really live in our home in this present age? There is a big difference between house and home. House is a place in which we live and made of up of bricks, cements, etc. Whereas a home is a place where we live and made up of love, affection, care to other family members. In the present age, all the family members live together but they do not have time to talk each other. Can we call it a home? No, certainly not, it is only a house and we live like strangers. It is very essential to convert our house into a home by following simple tips:
    1. Always show your love and affection to the family members time to time.
    2. Provide your time to other family members and negotiate with them.
    3. Give your best wishes and complement personally, not by using digit media like Facebook or Whatsapp.
    4. Eat together at least once in a couple of days.
    5. Don't bring your business into the home.

    This is the entry for TOW contest .
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    The author has brought the difference between home and house very nicely and aptly in this thread and connecting it to the topic based TOW. It is true that we live in the houses, not in the home. When four people sit together we sit with our laptops or mobiles. We will busy in our activity with those gadgets. We even don't have time to talk to each other.
    In my home, we stay seven members together. We make a point that dinner will be taken together with no electronics gadgets with us. If we finish our works early in the night at least an hour we spend with playing cards. We always see that we all will go together for a movie at least once in two weeks and we plan to go out together at least once in a month. This is what makes us to feel we are at home not in the house.

    always confident

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    It is very aptly said that 'home is where the heart is".
    A structure built by inanimate things becomes a house and home only when ' live' there with sharing and caring.

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    My simple understanding about the house and a home is this: A residence without a lady is a house. And a residence with a lady is a Home.
    No life without Sun

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    In these days of socializing through Internet, meeting personally and exchanging pleasantries are slowly avoided and thus we have to revisit the old practice of visiting the relatives and family members to exchange the good and bad moments of life. And be with the family members in their trying times. Not that every one is free, but taking out time at least for those who are ailing and has to be visited at the hospital. And during festivities and functions or even birthday parties, better to avoid taking social network wishes, instead meeting personally would increase the bonding. And family members must have the dinner in oneness so that the day's happening can be shared and advised. And while taking dinner students should not bring the college issues to the table, like wise parents should also desist from discussing office and other issues. Thus we can have peace at the home. Good write up for tow topic.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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