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    The art of self motivation: getting the most in every situation

    The self help industry is perhaps the best and fastest growing in the world. There are hundreds or even thousands of books, written by a growing tribe of people, who set to help you realize your goals. Help you to stay focused. Help you to understand others, develop a huge positive attitude and all that.

    However, at the end of the day, there are times when everyone is as confused as one can be. Or, even more confused than ever before. So, where do we go?

    The simple truth is that to develop a positive mental attitude and also motivate yourself, you do not need to read so many books. Most of what is told and discussed in the books is codified common sense or distilled common sense.

    For instance, the concept of being focused, and staying positive at all times. This is so simple. It only requires one thing: never wander and never allow our thoughts to wander on something we see around us, or on something that happened to us, just ten minutes ago.

    Just picture this scene: we ask a lady selling flowers near the temple, on where we need to safeguard our footwear. The lady offers to take care of our footwear, if only we purchase the "archana" materials, priced at Rs.100/ from her. We feel it is very costly, and after a heated argument, the price is settled at Rs. 80/. We grumble and leave the footwear to the care of the lady.

    The moment leaves us angry and a bit dazed.

    So, we should recollect all our thoughts only about God, and be focused. We ought to come out of the situation and keep going on. This is the best we can do.

    After we are home, and the worship over, if we recollect what happened, we might as well note that our behavior itself could have been better. This is the learning part.

    Similarly, we need to just focus on our strengths and at least try to reduce our weaknesses, for example, getting angry very quickly. Once we try this, on a very constant basis, we will observe that we are much better, feel better and more happier.

    This is always so. It is very simple. Secondly, we need to always ask: what next? The most successful people, who are self-motivated just ask this question. The Japanese call it Kaizen, which means continuous improvement. If we continuously improve ourselves, up date ourselves, the art of self-motivation will fall in place.

    Thirdly, we have no choice. This is one important thing. No one can motivate us, though well wishers can help us in reaching our goals.

    Fourthly, once we review our work, we can easily identify what we can always do better.

    Fifthly, we can also learn from successful people. Even the smallest learning, can and will trigger big thoughts and action plans.
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    Setting our own targets and positively working to meet the self-imposed targets is the best way to perform well. We need not look around for external help to get motivated. Our own thinking and our own attitude itself will make us successful. Don't look at the other person and never compare yourself to him. Each individual will have his own positives and negatives. Think of what you get and don't compare with what others are getting. Be focused and develop p[ositive thinking. It will take you to the success.

    Try to get the low lying fruits which will give you the required motivation for having fruits which are very high. If you directly try for fruits which are not approachable you will be lost and you will get disappointed. Don't keep very high targets, Divide them to small and make them as short-term targets and step by step you can complete the time within the given time.

    always confident

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