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Special Prize Winner of Topic based TOW contest for the week 27th May - 2nd June'18 on topic - 'Home'
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    A special invitation to my homestay

    Out here in e-space, I have a lovely homestay
    It is open to the world even though based in the US of A.

    No roof, no walls, it is not brick and mortar,
    It has open cubicles for work & play which I can access from day to day.

    As I step into the front yard I see lovely blossoming flowers;
    Carefully I tread as thorns do abound, but these don't harm me as in the bower I move around.

    I criss-cross across the pretty orange, blue & white landscape,
    And discover even more joys in the beautiful terrain.

    I learned here how things connect with links
    And of various aspects of writing, I got many a glimpse.

    I got answers to queries I know not at all,
    I sure hope I helped someone to prepare for an exam or, perhaps, secure a job.

    Really, truly, this is such a warm place to be,
    Virtual strangers have become my friends and the entire vociferous jingbang my family!

    Accept my invite & be part of the joy,
    Feel the love,
    Reciprocate the affection &
    Imbibe the happiness
    That is part of this charming homestay of which the address simply is:

    This is not just a TOW entry. It is a special tribute which goes beyond mere rhyming words to my special family. You have enriched my experiences. Thank you for being part of my life.
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    A wonderful tribute to the ISC. really very well narrated. I do agree that this is a wonderful e family which gives a sense of belongingness. Surely this place is helping many people in many ways and the ISC deserves all the appreciations.
    always confident

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    This entry from the Star of the month of April 2018, is a thanks giving and real tribute to ISC.

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    O' Vandana,
    It is very true that ISC is our home
    A home should have some one to bother
    To bother us, we should have a mother
    The mother of ISC is our beloved Vandana
    Madam Vandana is also our Managing Editor
    The Editor who cares the ISC members
    The Members highly respect the great lady
    The lady keeps the ISC safe and steady.

    (It took just a minute to compose this response)

    No life without Sun

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    So nice of Managing Editor connecting the very ISC as the home for the dedicated members and her poetic content in this regard is superb and refreshing. Soon to get the award.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    An excellent poem to describe the beautiful garden of ISC. And this is a tribute of a thorn to the most beautiful flower of this resplendent garden.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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