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    I Can't Help Myself Being Away From Home But Instead I Have To Learn To Live With It.

    I don't find the systematic arrangements at my rented accommodation in Delhi but for sure I have to be disciplined & specific as per the environment at my home town in Katni, M.P., because now I would be staying with my parents. I don't object to the changing environment but I am not free as I am being closely monitored by my parents. When I wake up, where I go & when I return to the home all is observed. I know that although I am grown-up & living independently away from home & in far of places but in any given circumstances they still configured me as small one to them. The things doesn't end here but with having tons of emotions & attachments continues till I return back to Delhi & join my routine activities.

    After all they are my Mummy & Papa. I can't ever be the grown-up for them & I know that I will continue to miss them for all my life even if they are with me.

    TOW entry.
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    I agree there is no match of love and affection from the parents and it cannot be valued. For every parent their children is small even we are grown up. Good that they are keenly observing your movements, your habits and above all your behavior. Parents are our first critic and best appreciating fans. They do tell everything frankly for the benefit of us and we need not take it seriously. By the way feel gifted to be under the care of parents, no matter for few days as they will cherish those moments in the days when you are away from them. Nevertheless I always liked to be with parents,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For parents, their children will always be kids even when they grow up and are adults! It is a part of the inherent nature of a parent to worry, worry, worry about their "kids" lifelong. The caring & love is infinite, with no end.
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