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    Competition Entry ::: Home Inside Home

    Being a student is sometimes hectic when you live at home but fail to find your home-like care in it. Its a tragedy when you want to live your dreams and any one of your own family members often doubt your intentions. Usually its the father who is paranoid in such cases.

    However its ironical that the same parent who raised the child for years sometimes fail to understand the child. It causes immense mental and psychological suffering for both.

    Its here that the Home transforms into a structure of bonded dependence and fear. Child feels helpless and depressed which affects his/her performance and confidence because the central pillar of one's life has become weak.

    Its here that the child finds a coping mechanism, a separate Home within the Home, in the form of a another family member. Usually its the mother who becomes the shelter within the shelter.

    This home within home brings the necessary minimum health for the child. But the father must know that child is still handicapped. God bless such Divyangs who are everywhere but unrecognized in government data and social conscience.
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    I don't feel it is true in many cases. These days the parents are loving their child too much and trying to hive him/her all comforts even though they are very costly and above their reach. In my opinion the father like the children as good as the mother. But he tries to maintain a little secrecy in that as the child may take undue advantage which will spoil the future of the child.
    But these days the expectations of parents from their children are also going beyond reach. In that process, the children are getting tremendous pressure. So the parents should understand the capabilities and limitations of the child and accordingly they should be nurtured so that they will come up in the life.

    always confident

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    Dr Rao I have seen this in many cases where father's relationship is still very tense especially with the son.

    Fathers of yesteryears faced hardships and beaten their children often at small things. This tendency transferred into their children who become parents and treat the children likewise.

    Earlier parents wanted to secure their children's career early in life to earn and settle. So they often left them or pushed them.

    We very well know that humans are a psychological emotional beings with most habits and behavior formed in childhood imitating our parents. Therefore children becoming parents habitually treat their own next generation children similar to how they were treated in the past.

    However they consider it natural and bound to think that their parents were right according to their own circumstances. But habits and psychological wounds remain hardwired and subconsciously operate.

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    As a son grows up, at times the age gap, young free spirit, and the old unforgiving attitude come together to drive a wedge between a father and a grown-up son. If at all the father chides such a son, it would for his own good. Times have changed, there would be few such examples, with most fathers being good well-wishers even though they may be a little stoic.

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    Every child is nurtured in a good way either by the father and the mother , but mother has close relation with each child by virtue of her closeness and understanding of the child from the birth. Father too express love and affection, but he is always concerned with child behavior in public and how he would cope up in future and also he wants his son or daughter to be on par with others and thus even small misbehavior or not commensurate to his expectations, he starts chiding and that should be taken in good spirits. It is the father who toils for the family and arrange the finance for every progress of child and has the right to mend the ways of child going wrong. But the children get offended and feel that father is going over board than mother and wants to distance from him. Mother express love in open, but father keeps the love in heart.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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