Give more importance to your home than your home-page

There is any number of definitions to a home. It is said that a home is where heart is. But we pour our heart to make a house an ideal home. Had there been no home, most of us would have been just vagabonds. It soothes and cares a person. Psychologists opine that it is the lack of a caring home that makes most criminals. The significance of a home is so great that all the care places are given name with prefix or suffix home- Old-age home, home-nurse, juvenile home, etc. When we return back after a sojourn for some days we term it as 'home coming'.

Unfortunately, i modern days the concept and ideal of home has undergone change. People have started to avoid things deeply connected with home. They avoid home-food, they avoid home stay, and they avoid loving people at home. Even the members from the same home do not meet personally and interact, but they interact via social media like Facebook , Wwhatsapp etc. They individually visit the homepages of websites and blogs of even blood relatives blogs and websites rather than visiting them in person. Even real homes have slowly given place to virtual homes.

My pleading is - visit your home and stay there interacting with your loved ones rather than visiting their home pages. Give more importance to maintain your own home well than you home page.