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    Why the word 'Secular' outpaced the word 'Socialist' in our political system?

    Both the words, Socialist and Secular, entered into the Preamble of our Constitution through the 42nd Constitutional Amendment in 1976. Socialist, we mean achieving an egalitarian society by reducing the disparity between the Rich and the Poor. Secular, we mean no discrimination on the basis of religion. If a society is an egalitarian one, then people will least bother about the religion and the society will be more secular. But our politicians concentrated more on the word 'Secular' rather than the word 'Socialist', why? Why don't they try to achieve an egalitarian society?
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    ''Secular, we mean no discrimination on the basis of religion.''-This definition is not correct in the Indian context.

    I am very much interested to give a long reply but won't do so because there is a possibility of deletion of my response and award of some handsome amount of negative points.

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    What I feel that Congress party alone responsible for bringing and propagating the word secular to meet its selfish motives . On the one hand it takes on to appease one particular religion and on the other hand it goes against one religion. By supporting one religion, and undermining other religion, how come Congress has been branded as the secular party and even regional parties vie to go with it . Actually every government policy aims at uplifting the progress of all religion through their schemes, Then how come the opposition parties can brand a particular party as the non secular ?
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    I have few possible justifications.
    1. The word "socialist" can spark the old cold wars between the democracy America and the Socialist USSR. If socialist was given more focus then, our relations with other democratic countries might have gotten damaged.
    2. Secular needs more focus in India because the diversity of religions is more here. And the politicians, especially from then newly sprung BJP had to win the trust of the masses that they will rule secularly. So the word secular was emphasised a lot more.
    3. There was already a Praja Socialist Party and few other socialist parties from 1952-72 which meant that every time a politician used "socialist" he would be referring to those parties.

    But to be honest I don't think "socialism" was never stressed upon. We follow socialistic ideals unknowingly. We have a mixed economy and that means we still preserve our socialist ideals.

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    The concept of "Socialist", which in essence means, the co-existence of the Public and Private Sectors, was relevant during the Nehru era, as there was a huge need to employ people in hundreds of thousands, and the Government also needed to step in, at that point in time, since the private sector was not developed at that point in time, and the foreign capital was not available then.

    Today, the Public Sector is itself employing a huge number of people on contract. Many Pubic Sector units are only Public on paper, though the Government of India, still has a 51% stake. There are former public sector units like Maruti that have become totally private, with the Suzuki limited having a total stake.

    So,the so-called Socialist countries, today, are totally capitalistic. Russia is the best example.

    The word secularism became a household word, only after the disastrous Gujarat riots. That Modi was the Chief Minister at that point in time, became a big weapon for the parties to start talking about it.

    That the likes of Amit Shah and a huge number of bullies of the RSS have been talking nonsense for such a long time, is hard to miss. Even the most bitter critic of the Congress cannot deny this. And this is precisely why the concept of Secularism is now total in public discourses.

    Witness, for example, how mature Mr Chandrababu Naidu, of AP is. He always talks about use of Information Technology, for eliminating corruption. He has already done it, for example, in the purchase of sand used in construction of houses. He always talks about his dreams and development.

    The need for targeting the minorities and consolidating the Hindu votes is the only weapon of the RSS. Its agenda is very dangerous for the country's unity.

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    #637764, I raised the thread not to criticise any single political party. Every party is responsible in this case. I have been hearing the word 'Secular' frequently even before Gujarat riots. Take the case of splitting of Janata Dal. It split into two, having the names Janata Dal (Secular) and Janata Dal (United).
    I don't know why you brought in Chandra Babu Naidu's name here in eliminating corruption. But he is facing the worst possible corruption charges now in the state of Andhra Pradesh. He may look good from outside but not from inside.

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    Secular and Socialist. These two words are entirely different. A Socialist country is a country where the government will work for bringing all the people into the same financial and social status. In India, no party so far worked for it. The poor are becoming poorer and the rich are becoming richer and the disparity is increasing. For this, the main reason is the governments who ruled the country so far. In the name of Socialist country, the government will introduce many subsidy schemes and reservation policies. But the benefits will not go to the really deserving cases. Middlemen are getting benefitted. The recent governments have started some initiatives like direct crediting the amount to the beneficiary. They may give some good results in the long run. Coming to the Secularism, in India, a common man will never think about the religion of the neighbour. But some political parties are trying to get benefitted by bringing this criterion into the minds of the people during the election times. They try to use the triumph card Minorities to get their vote bank. This attitude is causing many problems and the outlook of the politicians should change.
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