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    Why members are not interested?


    Why ISC members are not interested to participate in contests or competitions announced by members, while the participation is more when organised by the ISC admin with cash awards and cash credits? Be frank with your well justified answers.

    The recently conducted Automobile Vowel Quiz is an example to this.
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    From my side if the contest is interesting and gives me room to show case the talent, I shall definitely participate whether started by the ISC or the members.
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    As far as possible I will try to participate in the competitions organised on ISC either ISC or by other members. I have participated in the competitions you have conducted also earlier. This time the topic of the competition you have announced is not my cup of tea. The subject is very new to me. That is the reason why I have not participated in the quiz on Automobile organised by you.
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    Mr. SuN: Frankly speaking, I am now trying to minimize my responses in Forum section, because I have found that nowadays my Forum responses are eating away my accumulated points. But I participate in contests as I take these contests as stimulation to my creative abilities. Cash or points don't bother me anymore. I missed your latest contest because of some pre-occupations both in office and in personal front.
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    If an exercise or venture like this does not yield the desired results, maybe people do not have the time or do not like such contests.
    In Future contests, maybe you can make it official by rou.ting it thorough our ME, you might get more responses.

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    SuN, if I am not mistaken, this is not the first time that you are raising such a query. But please remember that you had conducted so many contests (in different genres) earlier too and most of them had received a good number of responses.

    While I do agree that contests organized by ISC admin may find more acceptance among members due to various factors including the same being official, I don't think it would be appropriate to connect it with cash rewards and points alone because that would be, in a way, demeaning the members.

    I personally feel that your Automobile Vowels Quiz did not elicit much interest among members because most of them may not be very familiar with the technical terms connected to the topic. And also, there may be a few (very few) members who are not bothered about points or cash rewards but do keep a serious account of the same and so may not want to waste (?) their time in such exercises. Anyway, all the best for your next contest SuN and hope you will receive more entries there.

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    Mr Sun, our holy month Ramadan is going on and I am not getting more time to contribute on ISC. I just check forum, AE and article section int he morning time and after it, I do not have time to open my computer. Otherwise, I will certainly participate in the contest.
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    Sun, I did not have the time to participate in your quiz, even though I saw it. I was overseas, visiting my daughter and since the quiz was not an easy one I gave it a miss. I preferred to spend quality time with my loved ones than spending it racking my brains. It was an interesting quiz, hope to see more of the same.

    Congratulations Natarajan on being the sole participant and winner.

    • "I am now trying to minimize my responses in Forum section…"

    I find Partha's response quite amusing; it is an understated, yet intelligent expression – a subtle dig perhaps, at the efficient editors.

    • "…my Forum responses are eating away my accumulated points."
    • "Cash or points don't bother me anymore."

    Now those, rather amusingly, are contradictory statements.

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    I did like your quiz, just did not know the answers except for the last one so did not bother to send my entry. Besides, frankly, I was preferring to do other work and not apply my mind too much! Likely the response to your quiz was not good for the same reasons, namely lack of knowledge or no desire as such to work on it or both.

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    My sincere thanks to all those who responded to this thread sincerely and frankly, especially Madam Vandana and Juana. Will try to conduct interesting contests in future. VMT.
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