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    Intellectual arrogance is harmful in the long run

    They speak good English. They write ornamental English. They are called for discussion on every issue. They start thinking they know everything. Some people are awe-struck by their fluent English speaking and ornamental English writing.

    Eventually they become arrogant. They start thinking that they are the repositories of all information and knowledge. People would follow their dictum. They can't imagine that other people may know something. They can't think that other people can also think and decide. And their decision may not corroborate the decision of those English-speakers. If someone dares to challenge their views, they gang up and start punishing the unfortunate person.

    Nowadays, I notice that such intellectually arrogant people are trying to dominate the Forum section of ISC in different ways. They utter objectionable words about those persons whom they don't like and some Editors encourage them. These people are ganging up against some unfortunate Members whose world-view is a little bit different.

    Those intellectually arrogant people must remember that such arrogance is harmful in the long run. They must also remember that English speaking and writing don't have any direct relationship with the education and acquiring knowledge. Finally, they must also remember that other people also have thinking ability and decision-making ability. Finally, these arrogant must learn that some people don't bother about their views and their punitive measures.
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    In our daily life too we come across the people who want to impose their point of view. They wont even understand the fact that every one is different to think varied and one cannot impose their point of view forcefully. Nevertheless there are people who think they have some creative instinct inside them and want to impose and make use of others. That is bad thinking. By the way why should one follow the others dikdat for no reason. If the relation is good and cordial, some may accept others advise and even their overtures, but not necessarily their every ideas and thus cannot expect forceful implementation. I do agree that we are forced to live with such kind of arrogant people. The best way is to keep low profile with such people and get rid of the place, otherwise we are bothered too much.
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    Sir, if you have been offended by the use of some words of some people in the Forum, sorry. I have already said sorry to one reply to yours, where you had mentioned to my use of the word, "moron'. I had then explained that my anger was against one particular individual, who did not even act, after so many innocent children died in a hospital. Nevertheless, my use of the term might have hurt you. I once again apologize. Regarding others, I do not know anything, or cannot react at all.

    However, this is also the attitude of many people who try to boast with their command over a particular language, including Hindi. When others do not know Hindi, they react as if they are anti-Indian. When A R Rahman performed on a stage in London, the Hindi-speaking crowd created such a huge fuss and went crazy, just because he sang some songs in Tamil.

    He then took the safest route next time: exclusive Hindi concerts, and exclusive Tamil concerts. I do hope you will appreciate that millions of South Indians do not know Hindi, and to brand them anti-national is the height of nonsense. We have seen such mistakes repeat again and again. No one can force anyone to learn any language, and this is a matter of choice of the individual. Those who do not know a word of Tamil, still manage in cities like Chennai with just English.

    Once again, am sorry if I have hurt you. I have always admired your contributions and want you to continue with your usual momentum.

    And am one of those who believe that a good command over English cannot make any person arrogant. Or should not make him or her arrogant.

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    I have been away for a while and am not really up to speed with the developments on the forum. However, I see no connection between intellectualism and command over a language. Why be intimidated by another's language? Why use that as a mode of attack?

    Having admitted to not having followed the forum, my response might appear incongruous, and unwarranted. Yet, I see a need to respond to this thread, for the comparison between one's ability of expression of thoughts with arrogance is ill-founded.

    I have a hunch that my opinion will not be taken lightly, leave alone concurred by the author, nonetheless, I am going ahead and stating it, as someone needs to do it.

    I find the majority of your posts deploring and lamenting somebody or something. You wrangle and squabble so much that it spreads negativity on the forum. Having an opinion is a good thing, but be gracious and accept another's too. Everyone doesn't have to agree with the way you feel. Harping on the same subject, creating new threads when one gets deleted, repeatedly accusing editors of being biased, being overly critical of fellow members who choose to differ, is quite toxic and deleterious. Your overenthusiasm is quite an overkill – it mars the congenial atmosphere of the forum.

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    It is true that there are some members who are trying use very harsh words and try to undermine the thoughts of the other people. These things happen not only here but also in many other places also. The moderators have to see that these things will not happen and they should warn the concerned so that it will not happen repeatedly.
    Some people ignore those remarks and continue their work without any thoughts about other's remarks. Some people try to reply in their own way. Being silent to such people will be the best way, as far as I am concerned.
    We can't correct or dictate the moderators and they are the best judges of their actions.
    As a matter of fact, fluency in a language is different and knowledge is something different. If somebody is good at English, somebody else is good at Telugu. We need not think that we are supreme if we know English and some subject. Everybody is his own boss and nobody can boss over the other.

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    Rao Sir has correctly made very good observations. We should ensure that none is offended. It did apologize to this very same author, Partha Sir, when he pointed out the use of a particular harsh word.

    It is easy for people like me to get emotional on some issue, when the people who suffer are those who really suffer already, even when they are not disturbed. Tuticorin disaster is the latest in this list. It has happened elsewhere too.

    At the same time, we do hear some good stories of success in AP, Bihar, and even Orissa, where the Chief Minister is said to be a honest person.

    In any case, let us desist from being very harsh. Let us not question any authority who are charged with moderating the replies or the course of any discussion. It is unfair to criticize the editors too, for whatever reason. We can have healthy debates, without hurting any single member and also respect every single member and his or her views.

    Command over English is not knowledge. It is just a small skill. Every single individual needs to learn so many new things every day. The language is not important. The intent is more important and the will to learn.

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    I am confused by the finding of the author. I am not able to understand the relationship between language and arrogance and that too why English only? Is the principle proposed by the author applicable to persons who are experts in other languages also? Can we say that a person who expresses his views candidly, in grammatically correct and nicely worded language, is arrogant? I am not sure. May be the author could explain the theory more clearly or should I say, directly.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    Although some Members fail to understand, it is well-known that some people, who speak fluent English and write ornamental English, think themselves superior to others. Consequently, they become intellectually arrogant and think others incapable of thinking and taking decisions. So, when those people (who don't read or write bombastic English) don't follow the diktats of those arrogant people, a conflict arises. This conflict situation is particularly being witnessed in present-day India.
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