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    How sample surveys being conducted are important to us?

    Do you think sample surveys are of any importance? Discuss its pros and cons.

    It's been a trend for various private agencies to come out with their respective surveys & polls which is said to have the information for having disclosures of mood of the nation. The recent such survey or poll conducted online between May 23-25 in 9 languages across 9 media properties of the Times Group, the NDA or the Modi government has received a massive thumbs up with almost two-third (71.9%) of 8,44,646 respondents who took the survey saying they will vote for Narendra Modi as PM candidate if general elections were held today. Adding that 73.3% of respondents said that a Modi led government was the most likely possibility when the elections are held which is due by next year.

    We have been witnessing the debates on this on the various news channels as well as on the number of articles on different other platforms. I am in a bit of hesitation but this again seems to be politically motivated & not impartial surveys.

    The thing is how this is going to having impact on our lives or this is just created for a news hungry people in order to get their attention with a strategy to mobilize their presence & at the same time creating opportunities for increase in sales.
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    Presently most of the survey's conducted are party biased. News media affiliated to particular party showing their survey is pro for it. Recently ABP new'agency announced another survey that Mr.Modi's popopularity slowly fading away. 53% of the voters are not interested to see Mr.Modi's as PM in 2019. 47% are for Mr.Modi.

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    The accuracy of a survey depends more on the size of the sample and the method used for sampling. So if somebody is doing a survey which is biased the result may not represent the actual situation. Higher the size of the sample better the results and more near to the accuracy. Yesterday also there was a similar thread on a similar subject. In one survey Modi is getting a good majority and in a second survey, Modi has got less support. But if you the average of the two survey the percentage supporters of Modi are more. The result will actually depend on the mood of the voter at the time of elections and who will prefer to go to polling booth and vote. I think the surveys conducted just before the elections may give a better near to accurate results than all these surveys.
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    I had raised a thread Mood Vs Pulse of the Nation Survey on this issue a couple of days because one said 71.9% wanted Modi as PM and other said 50% did not want Modi back.

    These surveys are very important because it brings in a bias or strengthens our views for or against a party. Most importantly, if I am not decided whether to vote for BJP or Congress, when I read this survey, take it at face value, I would be inclined to vote for Modi.

    We should take such surveys with a pinch of salt and remember that social media, online polls, poll predictions etc can be influenced by money and the strong views of people conducting the survey itself.

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    I feel the parties choose those agencies which are pro supportive to them in the past and such agencies are roped in again to conduct such surveys which eventually portray good results only. We have seen the exit polls of so many agencies in Karnataka polls which were predicting Congress win by some and BJP win by some. All these agencies were paid and they ought to given results like that. So never give credence to such surveys which are not taken from all the people of all the places. If anybody could have come and asked me, my views would have different. Likewise those who are really want to speak, they are not asked by these so called survey agencies ?
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    Mohan Sir has correctly assessed the mood of the people. Most of these surveys do not reflect the truth. Even when the figures of the leading positions became known in Karnataka, the BJP guys started bursting crackers. This is exactly what will happen once again, if the surveys are to be believed.

    However, the truth will be so far away from these surveys, most of which are biased. One very big plus, which cannot be denied, is that Modi is a very honest politician, in the MGR mold. He does not do any corruption, and those around him cannot do so either. However, even this may not work at the time of elections. For example, a single emotive issue like the price of petrol can easily swing the votes in favor of opposition parties. Modi is yet to create a pro-poor image among the masses. His chief bully, Mr Amit Shah may be a good organizer, but his image is essentially that of a corrupt bully. So, it remains to be seen whether the surveys do speak the truth.

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