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    How one's "work from home" wrecked another's home.

    "I need five hundred rupees more",said Daru looking at his bank account. He is madly in love with Chapman guitars. But his father was strictly against him buying a guitar. So Daru starting posting articles in a "work from home" website called Monly to earn for himself a guitar.
    Luckily for him Monly announced a double reward program this month. All he had to do was to post articles about admissions in some good Indian institutions. He knew a good college in his neighbourhood. So he posted an article about it. He just needed to write about one more institution to realize his five hundred rupees. But articles about all top institutions were already published. So Daru randomly picked up an institute called Permisan technologies which offered internships. He posted a detailed article about Permisan Tech.

    At the end of the month, Monly rewarded Daru with his five hundred rupees and Daru finally got to lay his hands upon his dream guitar. But an electric guitar needs accessories. So he continued to post articles on Monly.
    One day Daru's cousin asked him if he knew any institutes that offered internships. Daru immediately recalled Permisan Tech. He gave the link of his own article about Permisan Tech and the contact information to his needy cousin.
    Two days later Daru stumbled upon a link which said,"Permisan Tech has not yet given me my certificate".
    His forehead started sweating. He clicked quickly and here's what he saw:
    "My son Raghav joined Permisan Tech two months ago by paying an amount of Rs-20,000. He completed all of his projects and has now graduated from the institute. But he has not yet received the certificate. We applied for refund so many times yet Permisan Tech ignores all our mails. Whenever I enquired the office directly they kept stalling me, for two months. My son is getting job offers but he's being turned down because he doesn't have an internship certificate yet. Please don't join Permisan."
    Daru felt sickly. The victim's father had linked Daru's article as a reference. He sunk with guilt. He called his cousin immediately and warned him not to join that institute.
    He then sat in a corner and cried. His hurry and recklessness had harmed a completely innocent person.
    He said to himself,"My work-from-home has wrecked someone's home".

    (This is my entry for the TOW contest).
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    Good. without knowing the actual position of a particular institute recommending the same for somebody will prove to be a disaster in some cases. So one should be careful in recommending the same. At the same time, the person who wants to join such institutes should also check the correct position of the institution. They can't go simply by seeing an article on a website. Anyhow the write up is good and nicely presented.
    always confident

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    Good article from Aditya. There are some sites which are genuine and can be believed to earn extra money. But work from home culture is not that easy and many actually put to more use of work and their presence in the house does not matter to the households as he seldom talks with them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A thoughtful use of the word home. What the author has mentioned, happens and can mislead people. People are paid to write reviews, give good feedback, complete survey of products etc. When we recommend something with personal benefit in the background, then we are bound to say good things about the product or service.

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    Only first hand information will work. Just for the sake of money, we should never write about anything. Today, there are so many websites and all of them get content posted by so many people, and also published, without much verification. This is a dangerous trend, which should be discouraged.

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    A nice satire by the author highlighting the awareness for not joining fake institutes. Today everything is available online without any authentication and we have to keep our eyes and ears open. There are big chances that timid and clever people simply dupe us and take our hard earned money.

    A nice entry by the author showcasing his creative aptitude for writing.

    Knowledge is power.

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