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    Opposition accusation gathering strength with recent experience of EVM's functioning?

    In the recent Bypolls at some places EVM's stopped functioning due their exposure to heat waves. All National and Regional parties in the past also alleged that the machines can be tampered easily and they requested the EC to conduct all the elections in a formal ballot paper methods. But EC challenged the parties to prove the fault that they are accusing. In the recent Bypolls it was found the EVM's stop functioning due to heat waves. In light of this finding do you believe, the opposition allegations have some value?
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    No. EVMs not working because of the heat wave is nothing to do with the opposition's allegations. Any machine may get into problems sometimes. At that time they may stop functioning. The same machine can be repaired and reused. But EVM tempering is something different. Irrespective of your casting the vote on a particular sign, the vote may go to the preset sign. It is not possible. So we should not connect these two issues. Even the other elections also in some polling booths there was a problem with EVMs. Then the machines were repaired and election restarted late.
    Even when normal method of voting was conducted also there were many rigging complaints and there were also many complaints. The EC has done all required trials with EVMs and then only they have taken the decision of introducing EVMs. There may not be any chances to tamper this equipment.

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    Time and again it is proved by the manufacturer of voting machines and the election commission that there is no possibilities of tampering with the EVM functions. When the opposition parties win the election they wont raise this issue, and when they fail to get the seats they blame on the EVM.s Even BJP can accuse now that it just fell short of seven seats in Karnataka and blame it on EVM's for not getting the votes. So there is no truth in tampering allegations as every machine is truly checked and mall functions if any are attended immediately before mock demonstration before elections.
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    So far none of the political parties have been able to prove the EVM being tempered. If we see in general then few of the political parties kept on criticizing the use of EVM's in a disapproving way. The Congress Party is ahead in the favor of voting through ballot papers but during Gujrat & Karnataka elections they hardly got any issues with the EVM's. The same remained the case before voting at Gorakhpur in UP but when the result got declared there wasn't any complaint from either the Samajwadi Party or the BSP because they in combined won the seat.

    The recent phenomenon of EVM's being stopped or lead to malfunctioning due to heat waves is a different aspect wherein the conducting Election commission has himself admitted to the fact with an assurance that the voting has been fair for any of the booths. This shouldn't have been given too much focus as has been highlighted during the past few days by the various political parties.

    I don't feel that any importance to be given to any of those as unnecessary escalations will lead to creation of bias atmosphere for conducting the elections which would be inappropriate.

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    The Electronic Voting Machines and Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail machines are used for a maximum of about 1200 times in a voting booth. The Election Commission has all the time in the world to check, repair, recheck, and pass all these machines before sending to various polling booths. How come they are not working properly for such a short duration of time and such minimal use? Electronic machines may develop hitches. We are using many electronic gadgets without any problem for a long period. Why are these machines malfunctioning after testing? It is time to take stock of this malfunctioning. The machines suffering a sunstroke is something like a joke.
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    Have been reading about this since yesterday. One of the poll officials has mentioned that faulty handling of the machines, wrong placement of the EVMs led to the machines get overheated.

    EVM Vs Ballot paper is like a sensational high profile case or fight between two major political parties. When the margin of error is very small in such cases, the authorities should go beyond the call of duty to ensure that the EVMs are proper, good quality and tested to our local Indian conditions before putting them into practice.

    I had raised a similar thread sometime back Are Electronic Voting Machines fool proof?

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    The Election Commission has ordered re-polling in those places where EVM malfunctioned. The re-polling will be held and the mechanical problem will be sorted out. There is no proof (so far) to establish that such malfunctioning helps any particular political party.
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    Whether the parties believe or not. EVM's cannot be withdrawn and the old system of ballot papers cannot be brought as there would be many chance of mass rigging.
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    Most Members are clear: we cannot go back to the old methods. When challenged to prove their allegations, most parties in Tamil Nadu, or elsewhere became silent. For, the truth is that whatever they have been trying to bluff about this computerized method of voting, is nothing but trash.

    That EVMs cannot be replaced has to be accepted. Let us progress with the times.

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    I have noted that when the results of the recently held bye-election have been declared, the intellectuals of various newspapers and periodicals and their patrons from opposition political camp have suddenly stopped talking about EVM malfunctioning.

    Now I would like to know:- Was there EVM malfunctioning in these bye-elections? Does such malfunctioning help the opposition candidates?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The large-scale malfunctioning was evident, especially in the VVPAT machines. The timely objections and replacement helped the voting process to continue smoothly. Shiv Sena, the ally of the BJP party and opponent in the by-election in the Palghar constituency is doubtful of the BJP role. It complained to the Election Commission. Mr. Fadnavis of BJP also asked the Election Commission to look into the matter.
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