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    How do you feel if snooped upon all the time on the internet?

    With the government planning to keep a tab on their social media communications, do you feel it will trigger off an invasion of your personal space & privacy?

    Imagine a situation wherein all your actions on the internet are observed discreetly all the time throughout the day and night. How do you feel? Creepy? Yes, it is what is going to happen if what the Information and Broadcasting Ministry is planning to do.

    The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has called for tenders on 25-04-2018 through Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited for the selection of agency for SITC of Software and Service and Support for function, operation, and maintenance of Social Media Communication Hub, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. The scope of the work includes monitoring and analyzing various aspects of social media communication and World Wide Web. The tool should have the capability to analyze the sentiments of those citizens using Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr, Email, Blogs, Forums and many others.

    First the Aadhaar linkage with everything and now this plan of snooping on the netizens activities on various social media platforms. Our E-Mail communications are no more private. Why is the Government so particular about snooping on all the citizens and netizens?
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    I don't feel that this snooping is applicable to all the users like us as this wouldn't ever be possible but instead would be monitoring & liable to control any illegal activities not favoring the country or not in the interest of the our nation. So most probably, this is to increase the intelligence of our system as a whole which is more prone to the cyber-attacks.

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    In addition, we have been witnessing the terrorist attacks because of one of the reason of failure of our intelligence agencies. If we are able to keep up with the latest of technologies then perhaps these attacks can well be taken care of in advance.

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    In recent times the social media address of many people have been stolen and given to a party for their party propaganda and thus the government want to ensure that such things wont happen in future and hence this snooping decision. And if every entry is closely monitored , there can be total control of government over the activities and thus those who are sympathizers with terror organisation will also be tamed and punished. And in some states even the Maoists activities can also be totally curtailed with having tow on doubtful accounts of those who are abetting Moaism.
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    I don't think this done aiming at a normal civilian. At this stage monitoring, the emails of all the internet users may not be so easy. It may require very high infrastructure and other facilities. As opined by Ved Prakash Anand, it may have an eye on the illegal activities that are being done and cyber crimes, which is a good initiative. It may be aimed at controlling the unwanted activities on social sites and other areas. The internet is also being used for many terror activities and other anti-national activities planning. To control these activities only I think the government is planning these actions.
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    The purpose of the proposed software is to monitor and analyze the social media, blogs, forums, emails, and others mentioned above used by the netizens of all languages in India. It is for all. The Government says it is to gather the opinion of the people about the various schemes and the impact of social media campaigns of the Government. We have seen how the facebook compromised the data it collected. There is every chance of this tool being misused just before the elections in 2019.
    Apart from anything else, what about our privacy? Why our emails also need to be snooped upon by the Government for whatever purpose it may say to justify its stand in this regard.?
    There is every scope for intimidation of people by the party in power.

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    Even now we are snooped at when e are using internet . The fact is that we actually do not feel it or know it. It is only when someone like Snowden discloses that we become aware and then do some panic reactions.
    Al the browsers we use, various sites we visit, are all collecting various information about us all the time without our knowing it. Ironically we feel that some are innocent until someone exposes the secret. We are sold in bits in internet though that is not the word used for that.

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    KVRR Sir is right. I understand that the scope is so wide. The Government can come down heavily on common people, if it does not like any criticism.

    When a particular Tamil movie starring Vijay was released in Tamil, there was a big hue and cry. The comedy piece that she is normally called, Ms Tamil isai Soundarrajan, of the BJP, chief of the Tamil Nadu unit, openly questioned how the producers had the guts to talk about 28 percent GST!! When pointed out that this was indeed the truth, this lady proudly announced that such rates will automatically come down, but Modi should not be criticized!!

    If this is the kind of debate that is on, KVRR Sir is correct. What if the Government, particularly the State Government in Tamil Nadu, snoops on all common people who take to Social media? We of course, need to wait and see if the fundamental right to criticize all anti-policies of the Government, is taken away.

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    If the government has to snoop around you then still in the mean time they are well capable to do so. Just one instruction to be issued to the concern bank & the bank is liable to provide to the government without any terms & conditions. Even the background verification can take place at any time. But still I am not clear about & in what way the intelligence agencies will snoop around us.

    In the previous submissions too, we discussed a lot about the different Operating System & other Software, before installation of which we agree to a certain terms & conditions & these software continues to exist within your system & transmitting the data saved in the computer's hard disk.

    It would still be hurry to imagine the transactions, so let's wait.

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    The Government collecting the information of what we are doing on the internet is different from what other sites do. This is not good in my personal opinion.
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    This has been a hot debated topic in the US, how much can the Government intrude into our personal lives under the guise of 'National Security'.

    A fantastic movie, Enemy of the State (1998) deals with how the Government in power can misuse its power to snoop on the interactions of citizens and their daily life. This is a must watch movie which can be a real possibility in the Indian scenario given that rules can be broken and people can be made to turn a blind eye to misuse of offical powers.

    If this comes into effect, then it would be an overkill and there would many RTIs, debates asking the rule to be toned down.

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    Social media apps are already doing this job without our knowing about it. We are being mapped there 24/7 and they know more about us than we ourselves know. It may sound ridiculous but is very true.

    When we are not bothered for giants like Facebook doing exactly that in its clandestine fashion then now we should not feel offended when the Govt wants to do it probably to contain terrorism and other vices in the society.

    I hope this step of Govt may help all of us in one way or other. So let us get prepared for official espionage on our online life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The "Internet Freedom Foundation",(IFF) a Non-Government Organisation, has written to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to withdraw the tender in the interests of the privacy of people on the internet. It submitted that the proposed project is illegal, unconstitutional and a violation of the right to privacy of a citizen. The IFF also indicated that it will be forced to seek justice in a court of law.
    In 2015, the net neutrality was in danger with a proposal by Airtel. The IFF fought with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India by gathering millions of signatures of the netizens for net neutrality and succeeded. Hope this time the Information and Broadcasting Ministry will be wise to withdraw the proposals and the tender. For a person who cherishes his privacy either offline or online, such proposals by the Government are an encroachment on their right to privacy. Hope the members will also realize this cutting across the party lines.

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