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    "Reduction in petrol and diesel prices."

    The state-owned petroleum companies announced a cut in the prices of petrol and diesel after 15 days of continuous increase. Today a cut of 1 paisa/ liter for petrol and diesel is announced. They initially announced a cut of 60 paise per liter. Within hours it was changed to 1 paisa per liter as there was a clerical mistake. "Achhe din for the consumers."
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    I don't know, what to think of these companies. Are they thinking that the people fools? Why reduction of 1 paise per litre? Why they have to do this? There is no meaning in saying that there are some wrong calculations by the staff. How far it is true, we don't know. But we should be happy that at least there is no increase for a day today.
    I understand the Kerala State government has reduced some taxes on petroleum products and there is a good relief for the consumers.
    In the same way, all other state governments should come forward to reduce some of the taxes levied by them instead of blaming the central government. Today in Visakhapatnam the TDP MLA has conducted a procession in the city taking a bike to the burial ground in the same way as we carry a dead body to the graveyard. He is blaming the central government for this petrol rate increase.

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    I think the thread also has a typo mistake. It should be áche din for the governments'.

    I hope it would still be a 60 paise slash per liter because if it is one paise per liter, the few praises we save in a month cannot be even given to the people seeking alms. Even they would refuse it.

    I have been getting images on what's app about petrol packed as shampoo sachets.

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    No typo mistake. As a consumer, I am very happy today for the price cut of 1 paisa per liter and also for the first time a Minister of the NDA Government accepted and took the responsibility of the mistake committed by the staff.
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    As Natarajan Sir has rightly said, the very concept of price reduction is defeated. How much would we really save? If the prices were down by at least three rupees, we can accumulate such money and pass it on to poor people. As Sir as correctly said, we cannot even donate such small reductions to beggars. Today, most of them do not even accept less than ten rupees.

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    I don't feel that the government would make fun of themselves by reducing 1 paise per litre. May be we are not aware of the actions being already in process.

    Let's wait for some more time & observe the outcome.

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    It is not Rs 1 per liter, it is 1 paisa per liter. Let us not belittle of 1 paisa. Whatever it may be, it is a saving.
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    Oil is the blood of the Planet Earth.

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    I was so angered with this pittance reduction of one paisa and vent my ire in my twitter handle requesting the government to honor paise 1 and I shall accept the reduction. It is a mockery as one paisa does not matter and wont even come into account as for every fifty paisa the amount is rounded off to rupee.
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