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    Emoticons - so expressive; aren't they?

    Are emoticons a really expressive way of conveying what we wish to say? Are they better at doing so than words? Share your thoughts of the place of emoticons as an expressive feature in today's communications.

    A visual presentation gives freshness to our thoughts instead of a verbal communication. The smart teaching methods include the video presentation coupled with black-board teaching in this fast learning era. That's why the urban folks get an edge over their rural counterparts to fare well in the competitive examinations.

    Coming back to the title of this thread and its related subject point, our social interactions via WhatsApp and e-mail chats have become an integral part of our daily routine. In this course of chatting, we often use emoticons and they have replaced texting. The use of emoticons gives a feel of freshness and represents our mood or reaction. We can save words many a time by using an emoticon and keep the others smiling. Isn't it?
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    Yes, Sir. I have also heard about this word,emoticon. This seems to the way of the younger generation and we are carrying forward that to older people too.

    Email is a huge plus, since it has cut down on unnecessary postal expenditure, and the huge time spent on writing handwritten letters. When the same message can be conveyed by email, the question is: why not?

    In fact, email,which is now available in so many languages, has cut down everything -- the time to reach, and the time to get back a reaction. With whats up it is even better. The print industry is naturally worried.

    One of the biggest worries is the declining business of wedding cards. A huge number of people are requesting only for email messages and the number of cards being printed is becoming lesser, day after day. May be, we will slowly see the death of this industry, in the next ten years.

    Email and whats up are the greatest inventions of mankind. Coming as they do, from the huge and the biggest melting point of invention -- the United States of America -- there are, as usual, certain adverse reactions. However, their utility in terms of the fastest communication over the Net, cannot be denied. In the years to come, there will be a real explosion and we can wait to see this happen.

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    It is true that these emoticons are very widely used these days in social media. A picture will convey the emotions much better than a word. When we go to a movie by seeing the expression of the artist on his face we can rate the artist as a good artist are not. Even though he tells the dialogue very nicely if there is no emotion on his face people may not accept him as a good actor.
    Emoticons will convey our feeling very well to the viewer. It is the best way to convey our message and feeling very clearly to the other party. That is why these days audio-visual presentations are getting a wide popularity than an audio presentation.
    This is a very good visual presentation to convey our feelings aptly.

    always confident

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    Yet, ISC doesn't allow its member to use it. I feel when in Forum we have Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham kind of situation, the member could be more creative to use it. However, the admins think otherwise.

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    Emoticons are no doubt expressive but at times it can be extremely expressive. Using the do not mess me type, anger, multiple kisses, love signs etc can be misinterpreted and even misused.

    Emoticons convey a bold message of informality, youthfulness and outgoing nature that is good for what's up, Facebook etc. In sites like ISC, we need to think twice before using it.

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    Emoticons are very expressive. It can replace many words or even sentences. So, Members, especially Members like me, who are weak in expressing their views due to poor English-writing skills, must be allowed to use Emoticons in ISC.
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    A picture can convey more than thousands words and emoticons are the proof of this. They have become so common and popular in our chat that I do not understand how people were earlier chatting in social media without them.

    It is not that These expressions are only popular with young generation. In fact, the oldies are much more obessed with them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    You see, I raised this same question few months ago and the reply from editors was that ISC is a place of learning and usage of emoticons would not look good in an otherwise formal discussion forum.

    But I still think emotions are great to express. Emojis when used alongside words can drastically affect the effectiveness of words.
    For an example, "I never thought you would turn out like this" sounds more serious than,"I never thought you would turn out like this :)"
    Now all the seriousness is gone. Infact it looks like an attempt for humor. Emojis can even cut down the possibilities of misunderstandings easily. They definitely are a powerful tool in conveying.

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    Time and again it was stressed and mentioned that ISC is not a social media site and the members are not authorized to use the emoticons which has the ability to convey the feelings of the writers in more powerful way. At present only editors are authorized to use the emoticons and that too very sparingly. In social media people are not using the text , instead use the emoticons much to the delight of the message receiver. As the technology moves, ISC should also sail with the modern usage of technology and that would bring more fame and connectivity to this site through social media too.
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    To be frank, I do not the exact relevance and representation of the innumerable emoticons available in the social media space. I had once raised a thread about the meaning of one such emoticon in this forum.

    So I use emoticons very sparingly, and mostly when I do not want to give a detailed reply, but just to acknowledge having seen somebody's post and to please that person.

    I doubt slowly we are going back to the days when we did not have words and grammar, but only sign language. Is history repeating-as they say?

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    Emoticons have started overtaking texting which had earlier taken the place of writing in detail to convey what you want to. If things are advancing on this route and at this pace, I fear we might very soon start getting confused as to how to write sentences and may even forget words and alphabets. Restricting ourselves to emoticons in place of writing or gestures in place of speaking will only take us back to an era when there were no languages as such. This is what I personally feel. Emoticons or SMS language may be easier and interesting but we need to be careful.
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    An emoticon which as I understood, is a pictorial representation of a facial expression in a animated way to express a person's feelings or mood, or as a time-saving method. This remains one of the very attractive phenomenon in WhatsApp application.

    I agree with the author that instead of a verbal communication or writing texts, the emoticons brings freshness to our thoughts which also delights us from within us. I am very much fond of this that this has become an integral part of our daily routine. Instead of writing longer texts we now are equipped with the way in which our emotions can easily be shown without much effort & in a much interesting & attractive way.

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