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    Why there is no censoring for TV serials?

    We all know that all the movies that are getting made and released should be viewed by the censor board and decide on releasing the movie as it is or with some cuttings or changes. Based on the content they will decide on the type of certification.
    These days TV serials have become huge in number. There are many channels and each channel will be telecasting various types of serials for weeks together. Mainly these serials have become very good time pass for the people stay back in the house. These serials are making a very good impact on the minds of the various viewer. The percentage of lady viewers for these serials are on the higher side than gents. Many of the serials show lady characters as negative characters in these serials. The viewers for serials will be definitely more in number than movies.
    As such why these serials are not getting censored? Why is the government not thinking about introducing the censorship for these serials?
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    Wonderful thought Sir. We had a horrible serial called "Deiva Magal" that was shown for more than five years. It was the worst serial, shown on a very famous TV channel.

    The leading lady committed at least five murders. All of them were gruesome murders, done so intelligently, without a trace of evidence -- she acted as the Deputy Superintendent of Police -- by faking the appearance of the actual DSP!!! This was the height of nonsense, which came to an end, only after the DNA test was done!!

    The worst scene was how she died. Her husband would lock the hospital room from inside and remove her life support, as if breaking the hospital security for a criminal, was so easy.

    Such serials ought to be regulated. There should be a committee of eminent sociologists, police officers, doctors and social scientists who should be empowered to at least remove the worst scenes, well in advance or modify their content much earlier than the actual date when millions get to see the episode.

    The sordid story did not end here. This was the number one serial, across all languages, for a very long time, in terms of the number of people who viewed it. Some unconfirmed news put it at some six crore people watching it every day. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    We should ensure that there is some audit of such horrible serials, through some voluntary action. The Government may bring in a law, but the committee should take over. There cannot and should not, be, Government intervention, as that would lead to corruption of a tall order.

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    Most of us would have discussed this topic in various situations in the last few years. The Indian TV serials have undergone a complete make-over in terms of the attire, roles, and conduct of people depicted in the family-oriented serials.

    After reading this thread, I checked that the Indian CBFC. It does not have any authority over censorship on TV programs.

    There is a protocol that is akin to censorship. According to the Cable Television Network Act 1995, what's shown on the cable network has to fit into the 'program/ çontent code' laid down. Having read this now, I don't think it is followed religiously. We should have a more authoritative body that insists on implementing the guidelines for TV programs.

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    As Natarajan said, the TV serials have a written agreement with the channel that their content is safe. Movies are censored mostly for three things: swear words, gory violence and explicit scenes. And it is quite obvious that serials don't show any of these.
    Blood is allowed to be shown but blood gushing out of the cut neck is not.
    Cigarettes and alcohol consumed by the characters don't patronize the behaviour because we see the statutory caution right below.
    Scenes of rape and sexual abuse are not shown explicitly on TV, instead cameraman swirls the camera in all directions.
    TV shows have figured out how to take advantages of these loop holes in censoring/content code.
    That is why cartoon characters like Tom, Chota Bheem, Mr. Bean etc...never die on TV despite receiving deadly blows in a scene. Because that would dangerously affect the kids watching.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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