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    Hats off to the new Assistant Collector of Ernakulam.

    This Monday Ms. Pranjal Patil from Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra took charge as the Assistant Collector of Ernakulam district of Kerala. What is special about it, one may wonder. She had lost her vision at the age of eight. An ordinary girl of that age might discontinue her studies and lead a life depending on her parents or others. But Pranjal decided to defeat her inability. She took firm decision to study. Her parents also supported.
    Her blindness was due to an incident in her primary school days. One of her classmates poked one of her eyes with a pencil which eventually led to retinal detachment and lose of sight. Slowly, the sight of other eye also was lost due to the impact. Thus Pranjal became completely blind. But Pranjal's parents never let blindness come in the way of her education, since was bright from the very beginning. Hence she was sent to a school for blind. Then she did her graduation in political science. Later she did her master's in international relations at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
    Pranjal believes that technology played an important role in her education. She learned Braille. Then she turned to computer in which she installed a screen reader software in her laptop which would read out chapters from various books. The software will copy from the texts and read it out. With stern decision and hard work she completed the IAS examination in 2016 with 733rd rank and in the second attempt in 2017 she managed to get 124th rank. Thus after the routine training for nine months at Lal Bahadur Shastry National Academy of Administration, Missouri she has come to Kerala to take up her first assignment as Assistant Collector of Ernakulam district.
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    Earlier I heard about this lady. but I didn't know that she has been posted as the Asstt. Collector of Ernakulam. I am sure that the young students of Ernakulam, the first 100% literate district of India, will be very inspired by this lady officer.
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    What a brilliant achievement. We need to salute such people and bring out all their achievements when they really start showing results. Already, one Ms Rohini, the present collector of Salem District, a major district of Tamil Nadu, is making waves through her honest work.

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    Great. Unbelievable but true. These laborious and determined people are a great motivation for us and for our society.

    The author has posted a very motivating and great thread. I feel we should post such encouraging and motivating threads whenever we get such information from newspaper or other media.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I was really moved and stunned after going through the ordeal faced by Pranjal Patil who has now taken over as the Assistant Collector of Ernakulam district of Kerala. People like her are determined to fight the injustice meted out in their life and thus proved that vision is not the hurdle for progress. My hearty congrats to her for taking over the new responsibility and now she has to be more careful to deal with situations in Kerala and must have close associates as her assistants to move further and discharge the duties without any hitch. Because there are every possibility of people around her taking the advantage of her blindness.
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    I request Sankaran Sir to please highlight all such success stories. Earlier, he had brought about a lovely piece on a community of non-believers in Kerala. This is the kind of information everyone wants to hear, likes to hear, for the simple reason that these are hugely responsible in helping us have faith in God, and the ultimate good of mankind.

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    Indeed, a great achievement by the lady. While people cannot do it with their good eyes, this lady has done it without her eyes. I think she will prove herself as an efficient administrator as Assistant District Collector of Ernakulam. My best wishes to Ms Pranjal Patil.
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    The determination and will for achieving the desires are the primary requisites for achieving the goal. That is proved in this particular lady's achievement. Really it is very inspiring and young people should take a leaf out of her and should think that anything and everything is achievable if your are firm on achieving. It is a very delighting achievement by the lady and I sincerely wish her a great success in all her future endeavours. Being physically challenged will not come in your way if you are determined to achieve the goal. This is what we should learn from her. I hope the technology which is developing so well in the medical field also, will help this lady to get back her vision and she will she heights of life in the coming days.
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    We have to bow our head in reverence to the grit and determination of such people. With all god given faculties we tend to be lazy., where as this kind of exemplary inspirational people do many times hard work than us against all odds.
    I read in the media when this report came that there was one male officer in Kerala earlier with visual impairmen'
    There were a few male IAS officers who were visually impaired in the last few years, and some of them had to struggle(legally and physically) to reach where they wanted.

    For those who may be interested to know more about Pranjal Patil, I give below a URL for a newspaper website:

    ( The relevant back links from there also can give us much more details.
    Though there were a few women candidates earlier also who passed the UPSC examinations and became IAS/IFS etc that in no way undermines the significance of Pranjal Patil.

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