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    Why Rajnikant is no MGR and cannot be a success in politics

    Rajnikant is the superstar, though fading and ageing, of Tamil cinema. He is not such a craze elsewhere, as most of his movies are only dubbed in other languages like Telugu.

    He has announced his entry into politics. However, while there is a single section of the press that has gone gaga about his ambitious plans, the vast majority of Tamil people are not impressed.

    Not without reason. He is no MGR. It required Mr M G Ramachandran, to question the source of funds of his own party, the DMK, as treasurer. He did not find any answers. He was seen as a threat by the corrupt elite that ruled the DMK then, lead by Karunanidhi, one of the shrewdest politicians India has ever seen.

    But the story did not end there. MGR had such a clean image, and was a hugely pro-poor man, who helped thousands fund their children's education, or medical expenses and so on. His image on screen was matched by his deeds in public life.

    In comparison, even for the Chennai floods, Rajnikant gave just ten hundred thousand rupees. A much lesser known director and actor had given ten times this amount. Rajnikant is said to be worth more than sixty thousand crore rupees. Of course, this is just speculation, but at least fifty percent of this would positively be his.

    Yet, he has done nothing for the poor. He has not even announced his party's name. Though he has acted in movies for more than 35 years, he has never ever opened his mouth on any political development, except in 1999, when he supported the DMK-Congress alliance against Jayalalitha, and this alliance got all the forty seats, including the one in Pondicherry. However, it was not due to Rajnikant's support alone. Jayalalitha had the worst record of corruption and that helped.

    MGR rose through the ranks. His image not only made him the Chief Minister, but also helped him to build bridges with people. Even when Chennai was going through the worst ever water crisis, he brought in water through tankers, from as far as forty kilometers. People respected him for his sincerity. He reduced the bus fares three times during his rule.

    Rajnikant is a real reel person, only. He has never taken his actions on screen, or his dialogues, to their logical conclusion. He cannot take on the DMK, which is a huge cadre based party, with a huge voter support of 32% even today. Rajnikant, would eat into anti-AIADMK votes, and that would help the DMK.

    Rajnikant will become a cropper in politics, at least for the next seven years. It is yet to be seen what impact he can make. At the present moment, his impact seems to be less than even five percent.
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    In the past we have seen two or three very successful cine actors who turned as the best and formidable politicians. They are NTR, MGR and Jayalalithaa. While NTR was the great success and came to power with his sheer knowledge and epitome of Telugu pride and he was the nightmare to Congress even today. And coming to MGR he was the mass leader and captivated the Tamil Nadu citizens with his social cause messages and after become CM he was considered as God for his reach out to the poor. But Rajnikanth is no way near to MGR as foremost thing stopping him as the non Tamil Nadu citizen tag. Secondly getting popular over movies and having punching dialogues wont satisfy the people. He must have the base to be a politician. He does not have that because he wont respond nor be at the spot when people face the problems.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Exactly. He has done nothing so far. For instance, he has still not visited Tuticorin, whereas Kamalhasan has at least visited the victims of the police firing in the hospital. Sitting as he does in his own ivory tower, he has done nothing, except talking a word or two.

    He has clearly explained his political philosophy, and has only one person -- the RSS Gurmurthy -- who is also the present editor of the magazine Thuklag, as his ad visor. This RSS fellow has no standing in Tamil Nadu, and will soon perish into the oblivion.

    That Rajnikant has chosen this fellow as his adviser has stumped every sane politician in Tamil Nadu. Worse, he takes off to the Himalayas for doing some sort of meditation, but even this will not wash with even a section of the population. For, his past will continue to haunt him.

    In contrast, MGR was always with the masses. He made huge donations when he was an actor. Rajnikant has made his billions but is yet to identify himself with any cause in Tamil Nadu.

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    The most unfit reel life hero who cannot be a real life hero to fit into politics. He is reasonably a good actor but not a great actor. He is no match to Sivaji Ganeshan or MGR or Kamalahasan. He can fit into the group of Sadhus and Sanyasis and can lead a life in Himalayas. He is a man of nervousness. He cannot be firm on his decision. Many a time he announced that he would form a party, yet he has not done it, because of fear of losing his money. He never stood with the public for any good cause. He never donated any fund for any emergency. In toto, I do not like this actor coming up as a politician. Let him be a superstar only.
    No life without Sun

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    Being popular as Cinema actor alone may not give a good edge to a person. His other ways of life, his rapport with the public, his nature of helping the people and participating in the rehabilitation programmes when required by the people will definitely speak and give a chance to the person. MGR, a successful actor and politician. He was known very well for his nearness to the public in general and to the poor in particular. In my opinion, his popularity can't be compared with that of Rajanikanth. Rajanikanth is only known for his action. His approach towards the public is not like that of MGR or NTR. The Andhra people who were going to Tirupathi for Lord Venkateswara Darshan used to go to Madara to have a darshan of NTR. Such is the popularity of those actors.
    So we can't think that Rajani will be successful as a politician basing on his popularity in movie field. He has to develop a good rapport with poor and should develop an eye for them. Then only he can think of a better performance in the Political field.

    always confident

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