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    Do you think Mr.Pranab Mukharjee is a strong opponent PM candidate to Mr.Modi?

    At present there is lot of talk in media regarding our ex-President Mr.Pranab Mukharjee. The reason for this is, RSS party has invited Mr.Pranab for their official annual function and he accepted it. Media is predicting some back ground talks are going between some important leaders like Pranab, Navee Patnaik, Mamata Benarjee, KCR, Deve Gouda etc. They believe that if he is the opposition PM candidate, because of his good stature and experience all the opposition parties except BJP will support him. If such a thing happens, do you believe Mr.Pranab is strong opponent for Mr.Modi?
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    After remaining President for five years, Pranab-babu will not become opposition's PM candidate. Further, Pranab-da's personal popularity and ability to win an election has always been in doubt. Pranab-da won the Lok Sabha election only once during the fag end of his political career, thanks to Congress leader Adhir Choudhury. He remained an MP of Rajya Sabha for four-five terms.

    If we study the political career of Pranab Mukherjee, we will see that he has always remained a fence-seater. He is encouraging the opposition leaders to be united and at the same time, going to lecture the RSS karyakartas at Nagpur.

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    I have been closely watching the progress and performance of our former President Pranab Mukherjee who is a very seasoned politician in which ever position he held. He never made controversial statement and after being retired as President, he has further more become sober and not seen in public platform. Only after RSS has invited him to speak, his name has been making rounds for next contender of PM post being considered by the united opposition. But that would be distant impossible. Why because in the opposition parties itself, Mamta Banerjee, Mayawathi, Chandra Babu Naidu , Deva Gouda are already in the race of PM post which is not revealed in open. And for Pranab Mukherjee his loyalty towards Congress party is unquestionable but again his participating in RSS meet irks the Congress party and it may not like him to see as our next PM.
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    As an ex-president, Pranab should be neutral and should not participate in any politics. Then only he will be respected by the public. Many of the leaders who are thinking of the third front are having ambitions of becoming the PM. KCR wanted to become PM and he wanted his son to rule the state. In the same way, Mamata will not leave any stone unturned if she is near to the seat by any chance. Ex-PM Deva Gowda also having an eye on the seat and already he has seen that his son is on the chair of Karnataka. In this cluster, I don't think Pranab will fit in anywhere. If he is really in a mood to help the third front he might not have accepted the RSS invitation. This act itself will prove that he has become the party politics. Otherwise, he might not have accepted to go to the meeting.
    All these news we are hearing are only the creation of the media, I strongly believe. It is also true that Pranab never popular in the elections and only once he won the direct elections. What is the weight he is having in the public is not comparable to that of the present PM?

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    Mr Pranab Mukherjee is not a PM candidate at all. One wonders why he has agreed to speak in a RSS forum. That the RSS is totally the anti-thesis of what the Congress is and what it believes is for, is not lost on anyone.

    Mr Mukherjee was a good President, and his non-corrupt image may help the Congress, if he opts to take part in active politics. But to imagine him as a PM candidate is not possible, and neither is it desirable.

    In fact, in the course of time, Mr Nitish Kumar, is the only consensus candidate capable of coming back to the UPA and taking on the BJP. In that case, if the Congress projects him as a PM candidate, most of the Opposition might as well align with the UPA. However, the ambitious but terribly corrupt Mayawathi or even a non-entity like Dave Gowda may not like Mr Nitish Kumar to be the PM candidate.

    Mr Rahul Gandhi has a chance provided he dissociates from the corrupt persons in the Congress party, and coherently presents a story of development, that is more inclusive than that of the BJP and Modi, which is seen a big supporter of the trickle down theory of economics.

    How all these factors play out, remains to be seen, though.

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    In the meantime nothing suites the opposition parties.

    We see the smiling faces but beneath it we all aware of the fact that each of the opponents aren't prepared for any unexpected outcomes. This never happened in the Indian political system that the leaders of each opposition parties see themselves as most suitable & appropriate candidate for the PM post. And so it looks odd that Mr.Pranab Mukharjee, after remaining as the President of the Republic Of India, will wish for the PM post. No it's never possible. Perhaps he too understand the complications.

    In the mean time we only having one option who got the right leadership & mature strategy for domestic as well as for international platforms. Give them some more time & let's wait for the outcome.

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    From being a loyal Congress politician, Pranab Mukherhe evolved into a mature and broadminded politician and statesman.
    That was why he could not become PM even though he had all the experience with him. It was the last few years of the UPA government which moulded him into a matured statesman. Naturally he was the right choice as President. He did justice to his post with all decency and decorum.
    Now he will not keep any other political ambitions.
    He will serve as a patron and guide to the younger politicians and may involve himself in writing his experiences. He will behave unbiased and unattached and participate in august functions where he will be given due respect as former President and senior statesman.

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    Having held the highest post in India, I am of the opinion that Sri Pranab Mukherjee should stay away from politics now. He has the responsibility of holding high the dignity of the post he had held. Having said so, I personally don't think that, Sri Mukherjee, being an experienced and matured figure in the Indian political platform, will take the plunge.
    Regarding the reported news regarding his acceptance of an invitation to address RSS workers in Nagpur, we need not read between the lines now. They might have invited him as the ex-President of India and he might have agreed to address them in that capacity. Let us wait and see what he delivers and then start discussing if need be.

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    After being the President of India, one should not aspire to become Prime Minister of the country. It would be an insult to his highest post. Pranabh Mukherjee should sit and watch the country as a common man. He should live with his pension without any tension in his life.
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    In ISC, I raised a question whether ex-Presidents can join politics or not. Expectedly all Members answered negatively. But now at least some Members feel that a President can join politics after his/her 5-year tenure.

    But I think Pranab-da is doing this to remain politically relevant till the very end.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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