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    Why being realistic is as important as being optimistic

    Optimists see light at the end of every tunnel. For them, there is always a very bright picture emerging from somewhere. People are too good to do any harm to others. People have it all in themselves to excel in any situation. People power will anyway triumph.

    Well, yes, to some eighty per cent. However, the world is not so perfectly balanced to ignore the dangerous twenty per cent. I belong to the growing tribe of people who do not crib about costly foreign tours of our Prime Minister. Let him go all over the globe. That money will still be well spent, as India now has a huge influence in influencing global policies or at least stopping some disaster, waiting to happen. We are still the most functioning democracy in the world.

    Why should he go everywhere? Because the world cannot afford a third world war. That will simply wipe away nations or make them so poor, that they will never rise again.

    This is the concept of being realistic. The concept of accepting facts as they are, and not adding any "mirch masala" to our views, which should be based on facts. Price rise is a real problem hurting the poor. The Central Government has not done enough in this direction. This is the truth, which is being realistic.

    But to say that Modi is not honest, and sincere is untruth. He indeed is. We should bring out all that goes along with this assessment. We should argue and try to present facts as they are. For instance, many talk about the social security net for the poor. This is the best that can happen in any situation.

    Come what may, whatever be the price at which it comes, the twenty kilogram of rice to the below the poverty people should not stop. Never, This is the price of peace, of keeping people alive. None of the upper middle class or the rich should ever get this at all. This is being realistic. And optimistic.

    Where do we start and how do we keep this important thread of realism alive? Members may please react and present their views.
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    One should be realistic always. Being optimistic is also a must. If we are not realistic in our approach we will be ruined. We should be always grounded. We can't hang in the air thinking ourselves as the best. This is applicable to all the people and all leaders.
    As a human being, we should accept our real position and start from there optimistically to achieve something. But these days many people are not thinking along those lines. Modi has taken over as PM just 4 years back. Some people say that he is not doing good. Is it realistic? Expecting the sky to fall down within four years is not a realistic feeling. But we should be optimistic that he will perform nicely seeing his track record.
    We should be happy for the better performance of him and we should accept that he has to still do a lot for the poor. He is trying to see that the benefits from the government will reach the poor directly so that middlemen will not get benefitted.

    always confident

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    I don't feel that in case of missing of either of them, we can live a purposeful life. For any of our beliefs, we can go by the examples or the instances from the real life scenario. Suppose your time is not good & so you have to be optimistic as this will bring onto you with an inspiration for keeping up with more efforts. In the different circumstances, when the time is good then you have to be realistic so as to generate the practical wisdom in order to maintain this position in future also.

    It is interesting here that although we started here with a general perception of being optimistic & being realistic but got politically moved in the later part blaming the ruling government for not doing anything for the individuals below poverty line. It's a good thing that we have started questioning the government which during the earlier times went missing.

    In addition, I want to draw the attention of the experts that what the Modi Government has come up with the different actions & the projects which are meant for long term benefits. For example, the implementation of GST & the construction of roads & highways which will facilitates the movement of commodities on fast pace. For the knowledge of the readers we used to have eighteen different kinds of taxes in our country & even the same got complicated at the state level like the Octroi duty, required to pay while entering in to metropolitan cities like Mumbai. Now this has been replaced with only GST, however this carrying the different slabs. These slabs are practical as this is not feasible to go for the same rate for all type of commodities. Means for leisure commodities, the proposed tax slap is high.

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    Now, considering few of the actions which has lead the benefits to the so called below poverty line population,

    1. During Demonetization time, the maximum numbers of bank accounts were opened by this section. Now with this wherein the savings of the poor families are secured but they will also get the annual interest on their savings.
    2. One of the policy will provide assistance for up to Rs. 5L on accidental & in case of death with annual payment of Rs. 330/-. Me too have applied for this from the Axis Bank.
    3. The National Health Protection Scheme (NHPS) is one of the boldest initiatives of the Modi government. It will provide medical insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh to 500 million low-income Indians. This is going to cashless & would be available to any hospitals.
    4. The other key achievement during the NDA government's first four years in office is Mudra Yojana, under which loans are given to small entrepreneurs with little or no collateral. The scheme is designed to produce an army of self-employed who in turn will create employment through their entrepreneurial ventures.
    5. Rural electrification has been a major policy success. While last-mile connectivity has left many villages without power, the pace of rural electrification has been quickest in India's history – pre- and-post Independence.

    It's not possible to give all the details here but to mention few amongst many. It's good to criticize as this will come up with the efforts to do more but making criticism shouldn't become the part of our habit.

    It would be interesting to see the comments of other as well.

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