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    The real leadership crisis in India: do we have many answers?

    Does India face a leadership crisis? If so, what is the solution to this crisis?

    Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Kamaraj and Patel. These names ring not one bell in us. They ring several bells.

    Why? Because these were towering personalities who were selfless. Leaders who were instrumental in bringing about the Modern India. Leaders who were never corrupt themselves.

    Perhaps today, the late Jothi Basu of West Bengal, the present Biju Patnaik of Orissa, and Modi himself can fit into the mould of "never corrupt" leaders. However, the followers are also important. Has the leader the power to keep his flock in tact, and he is bold enough to take action? Modi has done so on some occasions -- look how he has tamed the eccentric Smiti Irani, who was only spoiling his image.

    But what about the leadership crisis? We are left with a huge leadership crisis. Leaders who practice what they preach. Leaders who were international, truly global, because of their qualities.

    Please note that Mahatma Gandhi's concept of trusteeship has even been researched by some economists. His magical words "there is everything for everyone's need, but nothing for everyone's greed" rings true in every major event, national or international.

    Take the Syria crisis. This man-made disaster, which is the worst sob story of recent times, is actually a war between the Russia and the American blocks. A die hard dictator, who refuses the need to compromise and make peace.

    The Muslim militants have really eaten into all the excesses of USA's big brother attitude, and built a hugely emotional story of all that is wrong with their policies. Result? The ISIS is funded by some rich States of the Gulf, and reportedly, by many others.

    Cut to our country. Modi, with all the trappings of the communal color of his party, is the tallest in India now. This is because Rajiv Gandhi is yet to come out a good story that will erase the corrupt record of the Congress, though it had a pro-poor image, far better than the BJP, just around fifteen years ago. The scam-hit Congress is yet to recover from its mistakes.

    Our leadership crisis, and one in the the wider world, is deeply worrying. Do we have any answers? What is the way out and, if there is a way out, what exactly is it?
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    The author has raised a burning contemporary issue which is a question coming in the minds of public as well as the academia time and again.

    We and I think also many other countries today are struggling with the crisis of good, selfless and honest leadership. The interesting thing which comes in the mind immediately is how can be a person honest if he is rising among a bundle of corrupt and selfish people. In fact an honest person can not come up out of that timid crowd as everyone will pull him down through procedural or legal framework of our constitution. Even if such a person comes on top he will be bound by the democratic setup where there are many options to shirk responsibilities rather than working for the nation.

    Most of the leaders take advantage of their positions to build a fortune and property. It is a well known fact. Most of them have declared incomes ranging from 10 cores to hundreds of crores.

    From a basic high school mathematical calculation it can be shown that no executive in Govt or PSU or politician can have a wealth of more than 4-5 crores (to some people even it may appear higher) after an active working life of 35-40 years in their respective offices. To solve this paradox these corrupt people take shelter of their parental property or agriculture prosperity. I have my great doubts on all these stories. The unfortunate part is that with the help of good lawyers and CAs they get Scot free from the courts and in fact get endorsement of their fortunes for future. I have seen innumerable cases like this and more are on the anvil.

    In our country the farmers are committing suicide but these big guns are showing bumper crop from their farms and fields and showing huge agriculture profits in their tax returns. They know how to justify their black money to tax authorities.

    So getting an honest leadership is a dream come true and if It happens that person will definitely improve the system to some extent. Please remember that he is alone in the fight. Is not it difficult?

    Though the present leadership is giving a ray of hope in the otherwise cloudy situation but we have to wait and see for some time before we really praise him for being an honest leader. Other important aspect is whether such a person will survive in this rough weather.

    Knowledge is power.

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    An honest and non-corrupt person in the politics is becoming an odd man out in the field. If people like Modi who never gone for any corrupt practices is also criticised left and right for his no fault. Mainly the present situation is because of the people only. The people these wanted quick returns and all comforts very easily. They want everything for them even though the neighbour is struggling with hunger. In my opinion, the greed of these people only turning the politicians selfish. An honest person resigning from his job and coming into politics will not be encouraged as he has no money to spend for the voters. Sensing this weakness only all the politicians are trying to bribe the voters for getting the votes. Once they spend money on getting the votes they will try to get back their money with compound interest. So I don't blame the politicians but the people who are encouraging such corrupt practices. The thinking of the voter has to change. Then only we can expect honest leaders will come on to the stage. Definitely when the time comes the leaders will emerge.
    always confident

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