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    Stop that habit ISCians!

    Today is World No Tobacco Day - a reminder of the dangers of smoking and consuming tobacco in other forms. An IDA (Indian Dental Association) calendar lists out the risks of tobacco consumption -
    Mouth and throat cancer
    Receding gums and gum disease
    Tooth decay
    Failed dental implants
    Poor healing after oral surgery
    - there are many other risks.

    Chewing tobacco products and smoking is bad for your body and for your oral health. Think about your families left in the lurch when you are affected by cancer. Stop those bad habits. Choose life.

    Do pay attention to those warnings on the cigarette packs and packets of tobacco products.

    World No Tobacco Day Calendar
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    Very Many Thanks for the right warning on the right day. For your kind information - SuN never smokes, but takes little social drink occasionally.
    No life without Sun

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    The public is aware of the dangers of using tobacco products, thanks to the sustained efforts by the Government. The warning on the cigarette packets is a good thing but does it serve the purpose? Many members of my club smoke cigarettes in the club premises. There are notice boards in the club asking the members not to smoke on the premises but no one cares. Non-smokers have to bear it or complain to the management which no one wants to do. I find little impact of these warnings. Why the Government is not abolishing the tobacco products in spite of the health hazards is a well-known fact. It is the revenue to the Government. Even many doctors smoke cigarettes knowing the danger very well. Bad habits die hard.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I would say that, "Where there is will there is a way".

    Once it happened that after office, when I travelled to the parking side, I saw one guy busy with smoking, I simply made a query whether this makes him feel comfortable or happy. He couldn't get the proper reply but said with a smile that it's just a habit & so he can't help it. I have often seen the people doing smoking in order to release the tension or the burden. It's quite logical that our mind is full of thoughts each time & so a break within the thoughts would bring some reliving. May be this could be the reason that for temporary reliving other are doing this. But in case if we foresee the future of it then possibly we would like to go the other way round.

    Anyhow, thanking ME for reminding us of the consequences of smoking on this World No Tobacco Day.

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    These days many know the problems that are being faced with the tobacco products. Thanks to the short film advertisements in movie halls and other places. These advertisements showing Dravid and explaining the various problems in local languages has a positive effect on many people. As such the percentage of smoking people coming down.
    But still, there are people mainly young people who are in the colleges are continuing this habit. I wish such people who are educated should understand and try to go away from this habit. The rates of these items are very high due to the taxes. Even then many are continuing the same habit. If the government bans selling cigarettes and beedis in lose and put a condition that only they have to sell as packet only, we may see a further reduction in the number of smokers.

    always confident

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    Vandana, the right message at the right time. This is the most important truth, affecting most Indians and this habit has already ruined several hundreds of thousands of families.

    Hope better sense will prevail.

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    It should also be remembered that passive smoking kills. Do not bring death to somebody's door because of your habit. Kill the habit before it kills you and others.

    I would advise family members, friends and co-workers of those who consume tobacco to make sincere efforts to get them to quit the habit. Find some activity to keep them distracted if they are facing stress or are looking for something to do to kill time, instead of them reaching for a cigarette or a tobacco quid. Give them support and appreciate them each time they smoke or chew one less tobacco product. Help them to phase it out, bit by bit, as addiction may likely be a tad difficult to quit overnight. Persistence will pay. Please do try.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Films are glorifying smoking, which influence youth.

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    Smoking and chewing tobacco are no doubt, bad habits and should be avoided. But, may be because I smoke occasionally, I don't think smoking or tobacco is the only thing that takes you closer to cancer or related diseases. There are so many other things, including the adulterated food and vegetables we consume and some makeup items used by women, which we use in our daily life that has the same or almost the same effect (the duration for onset and the probability factors may differ). I am not trying to justify people who smoke or chew tobacco but, I do think that much hype has been created on this front. Let there be awareness programs and if, even after being enlightened, people want to smoke or chew tobacco, I don't think much can be done about it. A person addicted to smoking or chewing tobacco will need social and medical support to come out of the habit and it will take time. I am of the opinion that if one wants to quit smoking, he should stop it abruptly instead of planning to do it gradually. Where there is a will, there is a way!
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    By the way I am not a smoker but do prevent others while smoking in my vicinity as it also affects me. Any thanks for this advisory as many are resorting to smoking for prestige and pride in the society and that must be curtailed. Before releasing the smoke,they must think about their family and children dependent on them. And I blame in on friends who are doing the school days make habit of smoking to others, and that would continue for ever. No matter how many world no tobacco day goes. Nevertheless MNC's must impose fines on those employees who smoke during the office hours.,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is very difficult to get rid of any addiction and tobacco is no exception. The tobacco industry is doing excellent and many companies are making astronomical profits.

    The bad effects of tobacco are well known and there is a good awareness also through school programs and Govt efforts. Still people are under its spell and are inviting various health troubles. It is seen that people habitual to it immediately resort to it after any event small or big just to have a break from their active life. What is the solution then?

    Doctors and psychological consultants advise different techniques in most of the cases and to some extent they work but when it comes to getting rid of that addiction nothing works except the will power and determination of the person.

    No external method is going to help if inner strength is not there. What is required is self searched diversions in life and strong will power to win over the devil residing inside us. At a small opportunity the devil will take the control in his invisible hands.

    People have used techniques of diversion like concentrating on Yoga or Puja (worshipping) or similar pious and noble deeds but a few get success even with these high end methods.

    It is difficult but not impossible and let us on this occasion again try to get the devil inside us under complete control.

    Knowledge is power.

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