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    Put off gender discrimination and set off gender equality at home

    Home is a place where the gender discrimination begins. Gender discrimination is common in our country because our ancestors have generated a gender stereotypical definition, rules and regulations, roles and responsibilities based on the gender and it is being followed by the parents at home. If you are a woman, then your role is to cook food, wash clothes, take care of the home and do all the household chores inside the home. But if you are a man, then you should be financially responsible and must do all the household chores outside the home. This unfair treatment based on the gender first begins at home and continues in the society. Nowadays many parents allow their girl children outside the home to pursue their studies and to achieve their career. But still, once we step out of our home, we all can experience gender inequality in the workplace, educational institutions, sports, political organizations, etc. Gender discrimination is not a woman's issue; it is a human issue because showing a difference in the gender affects both men and the women. Gender bias leads to an unwanted conflict between the genders, poor morality, violence and harassment issues.

    Good parenting reduces the social problems that happen frequently in the society. So, it is the responsibility of the parents to raise their children as a responsible citizen eliminating the gender stereotypes as far as the gender inequality problem is concerned. Why practice a differential treatment between sons and daughters? Both men and women have the capacity to lead a confident, courageous and an independent life in the society. Treating the sons and daughters equally at home will promote humanity and respect for each individual irrespective of their gender.

    Both gender discrimination and gender equality begin at home. Instead of striving for equality in the society, let us put off gender discrimination and set off gender equality at home. When the home changes, then the society automatically adapts to the change.

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    It is true that there was a gender discrimination in the families during the yesteryears. These days the parents are treating both the sons and daughters equally. They are trying to educate both and giving them the freedom of choosing their career and even partner of the life also. There is a lot of change in the outlook of the parents in this matter. These days in many areas ladies are outsmarting gents and taking a leading position in many activities. So the gender discrimination has come down a lot. But in some backward areas and in some families it may be existing but definitely, the percentage is very less. In fact in many houses these days women are playing a dominant role than the gents. Even the girls are very rightly using their rights in selecting their partner which is a good change in the society.
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    Even though both men and women are given equal education and opportunities to pursue their dreams, does the society treat men and women equally? I don't think so, because in many circumstances we can sense the thought 'A woman is always different from a Man' circulating in our society. Gender equality is not just providing equal education to sons and daughters. It purely depends on how one should respect and treat an individual irrespective of their gender. If one has a huge respect for another gender then issues such as harassment, physical violence, etc. will not persist in the society. The differential treatment followed by the parents on their children will have an impact on the society. Home is where our life begins, so the parents must teach the concept of gender socialization to both the boy and the girl children at home without any partiality or inequality.

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    Good thought by the author to call upon gender equality at home connecting to the two topic.. But generally no parent would discriminating against their children and for them both gender are equal. Though male and female child in a house can quarrel on petty issues, and in that situation supporting one child lead to discrimination. It is better to live to their own decision to get off from the face off.
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    Good thread but I would like to say that the time has changed a lot. And so with this I am not denying the fact "yes", instances are still at large showing the discrimination but agreeing to the fact this got limited to the lesser developed areas & the remote areas wherein the technology hasn't entered yet. But this wouldn't be the exception that again in the metropolitan cities few instances can still be found of gender discriminations. But as the quality education has been reaching to far interiors of the countries the overall percentage is showing improvement in this area.

    Now, we don't find any area in which the woman is not activated or involved. From sports to management, the woman participation is getting momentum all the way. So we have to believe that instead of discriminations, the positive outcomes are also there in terms of education & skill development among woman.

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    Yes, there is still discrimination, but in the urban areas and in the metros, this is slowly changing. Women are not allowed and all that. They literally do it, as a matter of right. Parents, particularly when both the parents are doctors, or engineers, or teachers, or chartered accountants or even professional singers, go all out of the way in giving the girl child to do whatever she wants to do.

    This is possibly one reason that Chennai is home to a huge number of entrepreneurs who take up a small business and grow it really big. The best example is Mambalam Iyers, the well known brand of pickles. It has been reportedly sought after by the multinational companies that want to simply buy out the brand and the company.

    The two ladies who started this business have not only said no, but they are doing what is normally thought difficult: breaking barriers and entering new markets. I guess a lot of changes have already started happening.

    Similarly, at the work place, we often see women bosses, doing a splendid job. Indian Bank, a few years ago, was brought back in to the black, by a iron lady, who not only took the Top Management team into confidence, but also empowered them to perform and the results were there for all to see.

    Changes happening at home are beginning to work in the society too. Changes may take time, but will happen. For example, in many communities in Tamil Nadu, there is absolutely no discrimination and the girl children also study as much, or more, than the boys. In fact, most school toppers are girls. The pass percentage and those who get distinction, are also girls. So, the world is changing and will change. It was waiting to happen. It will happen.

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    Education is but a small piece of this whole gender equality jigsaw. For most parents, gender equality remains a big puzzle, which they fail to solve. The only pieces they can fit into the puzzle is giving their daughter an education, a right to pursue a career and choose a life partner. That according to most is gender equality.

    I read the responses of fellow members and am saddened at how disillusioned everyone appears to be. The interpretation of gender equality is skewed.

    One perhaps has to walk in the shoes of a girl child to understand the real meaning of gender discrimination.

    Gender discrimination must begin at home. It requires treating sons and daughters alike and teaching both the same skills. In most homes daughters alone are expected to make tea and cook meals or clean up after everyone is done eating. The male child is not burdened with these responsibilities. This is gender discrimination – and it happens at home and everyone encourages it and takes pride in it.

    Today many women enjoy the same opportunities as their male counterparts, in terms of education and employment. But they succeed through their own merit. Yet, the burden of household chores is not shared equally.

    Providing daughters the best formal education doesn't fill the great divide that exists between a male and female progeny. Have your sons do the same household chores that you expect of daughters. There is no shame in being male and being able to cook, wash and clean. These are basic skills that should be taught to every male child.

    Don't raise your daughters to be subservient and don't teach your sons to feel superior. Remove the barriers that exist.

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